How do you do it? I mean exactly how (I feel kind of new to it). Questions:

What's your skin type? (going to be relevant to how your tips apply).

Getting into skin care is frustrating with so many products out there. What products do you use that you're finding to be good for your skin? Do you avoid any?

How often do you wash, what's your ritual? I have this thing about a kosher oil buildup. I have mixed skin I guess, oily in some places, dry in others (on my face these are in mixed pattern) and finding just the right balance (in conjunction with just the right product) is frustrating me.

Sometimes I start to show blemishing on my body (torso. I'm inclined to be mostly concerned with my back). Why exactly is this and how is it best prevented? I've heard things like "Always wear a fresh shirt to bed." I don't shower on an exactly consistent schedule (sometimes it's day, sometimes it's night), might that be a factor? It seems really fickle, like it would require this perfect balance and you have to really stay on top of it.

I fancy myself a minimalist and I don't want to spend 100000000 gil on skincare products. I'm currently lightly applying SPF (recently read a study saying that it's good enough for your skin that over the course of a few years its use seems to essentially "slow aging"). I also use Vaseline, because an aunt of mine doesn't age and swears by it. I have apple cider vinegar after hearing of its various wonders and I've used it on my face with overall positive results the next morning, I'm just not entirely sure how exactly to use it in conjunction with the SPF and Vaseline. Would I use it beforehand, or after? Oh and anyone know any other side.effects of using any of these?

I could for whatever reason talk about this all day (probably because it's relevant to anyone with skin and I still have a lot of questions), but any input here, at least what you do, would be most useful.

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