Hey guys! This advice I'm providing you is mostly inspired by personal experience and looking up ways to help the problem without seeking a doctor. Please take whatever advice is applicable to you and what I'm providing may not be 100% fully effective depending on your situation for acne because I'm not a professional.

#1.- Drink water throughout the day.

In all seriousness, if you don't drink water throughout the day, you're likely suffering from other problems as well. If possible, make water your favorite drink. Drinking water helps your bloodstream flow more easily and is essential for your organs as well as help prevent common headaches which are typically a result of dehydration. This will also hydrate your skin and will help prevent blockages that may result in acne. Drink the water at a moderate pace and to make sure you get enough throughout the day, check to see if your urine is almost/completely clear. It's ideal to urinate at least 3 times a day.

#2.- Washing yourself with precision and awareness.

When washing yourself make sure you lather the soap well and be sure to scrub firmly all over your body. Many people may not realize when they are tired or don't mind their washing, they aren't cleaning their body of all the collections of sweat, oils, and skin cells that accumulate over the day. Make sure to never apply soap to your face because it is sensitive and may dry out as well as worsen acne. The former advice should also be considered for heavily irritated areas where acne may be problematic. Also research the ingredients of your shampoos and conditioners to see if you may be allergic or has products that can clot open pores on your skin while washing. The best way to avoid clotting from shampoos/conditioners is to lean over and wash it away from your face and body. (ex. Leaning over the tub, sink, etc. and have the water flow from the back of your head downwards. Just to clarify)

#3.- Get adequate exercise done.

Work up a sweat! Exercise gets your blood flowing and sweat is needed not only for homeostasis but to help rise the skin cells and oils off of your body. It's best to shower immediately after you've worked up a sweat. Make sure that you also wear lose clothing to help prevent them from sticking to your skin. When your clothes stick, this can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria since they thrive in warm, dark, and moist environments. Also exercise is good for you so that's a plus as well.

#4.- Get enough sunlight.

Sunlight is vital for remaining healthy. Staying out in direct sunlight for about 15-20 minutes is all your body needs to produce the vitamin D you need. This may be hard to do if sunlight is rarely available where you live or if the temperature is generally too hot to stay out long. Regardless, whenever there is any light, try to get some exposure. With moderate exposure, the benefits of sunlight will help strengthen your immune system which could help fight out the bacteria that creates acne as well as nasty viruses!

#5.- Eat healthier & less fatty and oily foods.

Eating healthier includes incorporating more fruits and vegetables while reducing the amount of the more desirable fatty/oily foods. Your brain craves the energy that lies in unhealthier foods and you may struggle especially where consumption of such foods are common. (Societies that are big on pastries and snack foods, ex. America). Sodas (carbonated and acidic drinks) are bad for your skin and will make if more likely for you to break out with acne. Always attempt to consume fresh fruits and vegetables when they are available to get the nutrients that make it stronger and more resilient to the bad bacteria and viruses.

Well that's the best advice I have to offer for this topic. Hope it turns out well for you guys and remember that if you have a serious case of acne and get little to no improvement from healthy habits, I suggest seeing a doctor.

Thanks for reading guys! Until next time. ^.^






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This is good stuff all around, great reminders, a couple great tips, just overall good stuff for skin care and better health in general-- it's kind of motivating even, thanks.


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