I do. Very rarely do I wear panties. Even during my period. (Yes, it's possible).......

This is a pretty recent change for me...I did read somewhere random that it's better to go without panties at night. So that's been a practice of mine for some time..... Then one day I panicked realizing I needed to do laundry and I was OUT of clean panties!!! So I tried going commando that day....then another day, and so on....and now I can't imagine going back! I tend to wear almost exclusively dresses (Especially in the summer) and I have had a few shy moments feeling a bit more vulnerable when around men realizing I'm so.....accessible. But it's actually helpful to be reminded of how delicate a matter it is to be female, and going commando seems to help me remember my "animal side" and to be reminded of how humans have lived for a long time. It feels good, and no more wedgies!!! And I never have to pull down my dress from riding up my behind. It's great!

Do you go commando? Why or why not?

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No. I'm a civilian on a peaceful mission.

I wear under armour boxer briefs exclusively. High performance undies. The works: wicking, quick-drying, odor-killing, breathable, wide waistband (so no lines) and an ultra-lightweight feel.

I hear they're working on a version that'll do my taxes, too.

I wear String bikinis. They give the feeling of going commando, but also give the boys a little extra support, and keep them out of trouble... >->...

Underwear (for men AND women) isn't exactly healthy when worn ALL the time.

I can't testify about packaging the female undercarriage but regarding a man and his tackle: it depends on the undies, the fit, the fabric, the environment, the activity and the amount of perspiration.

Shapewear like Spanx can be unhealthy because it traps moisture, compresses internal organs, promotes muscle atrophy and cuts off circulation. Other types of underwear might cause problems like trapping moisture.

Accept only the high-end sport undies (which are expensive but will last a lifetime) and none of these things are a problem.

Of course there are times when appropriate, but there's nothing more breathable than no underwear!!! It's good for you!

I don't think that's quite true, assuming the reason for air circulation is leaving your skin feeling drier. A good wicking layer is equal to or better than being naked.

The inner surface of the wicking fabric removes perspiration from the skin immediately after secretion (which is faster than removal by evaporation into the air) and draws it to the outer surface of the fabric to evaporate there instead.

From Consumer's Digest: "Moisture-wicking claims are legitimate and typically are achieved by using one of two methods, says George Havenith, who has studied these fabrics at Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, which he directs at Loughborough University in England. The first way to promote moisture wicking is to apply a hydrophilic surface treatment, such as silica, to a fabric. This treatment allows the fabric’s fibers to attract water and pull it into the fabric and away from the skin, Havenith says. The second way is to use a knit structure that involves two types of fibers. The fiber that touches the skin absorbs little moisture, but it wicks away the moisture to the fiber that’s on the outside of the fabric, which is more absorbent, Havenith says. This process leaves your skin feeling drier."

I sweat easily and seemingly from every part of my body so this is important to me.

Try it ;)

I went through most of high school as a commando. I've done my duty.

Until last year I was a year-round bicycle commuter in the city. Few things besides urban cycling demand more of your clothes (especially your undies), which is how I learned about different fits and fabrics, and why all of my undies resemble performance cycling shorts now. I put those on and I'm ready to hike, walk, cycle, go to the gym, help my neighbor move out, or do most anything in comfort and support.

"no more wedgies!!!"  No more of this. 

It's not easy for guys to go commando because any clothes with a zipper will pose a problem. The zip will start bouncing around our sausage and this can be very cold, uncomfortable and rather dangerous if there is a mechanical malfunction when zipping/unzipping.

However I do wear my kilt once or twice a year when I go out partying and this without a doubt must be a la commando. Both drunk women and men will lift up the back to see if I'm commando style or not. I get more phone numbers when kilting commando style than any other evening :) :) :)

It's not easy for guys to go commando because any clothes with a zipper will pose a problem. The zip will start bouncing around our sausage and this can be very cold, uncomfortable and rather dangerous if there is a mechanical malfunction when zipping/unzipping.

Damn right. Zippers have teeth. They'll bite if you're not careful.

I couldn't disagree much more. I have gone commando for most of my adult life (35 looming large this year) and have never had an issue with trapping the fella in a zip. Shake, mop when possible, tuck in, zip up and away.

In fact the *only* underwear I own is thermals for when I'm hill walking in the winter.

Even in -40º weather you haven't had a problem?

I'm a brit, the lowest recorded temperature in the UK was −27°C (−17.0 °F), three times in Scotland (since records began).

Personally, I have never experienced anything below about -18°C (0.4°F), but I did mention, I do own thermals for hill walking...


I used to go commando, it way fresher and comfortable, but because i live with year round summer it's extremely easy to sweat, especially around my hips. I only stopped doing it because it left my my pants with a huge odor (and not only sweat odor) after the second wear and i don't have time to do much laundry plus laziness. It doesn't solve the sweating issue, but at least i can use my pants longer.

To be honest, I wear tighty whities under my pants. The disadvantage is that in the middle of the day, I get this wedgy that never seems to go away. However, imagining my private parts rubbing against my jeans sounds unbearably uncomfortable. >./p>


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