We are heathens of a very high standard!

We don't bow our heads in prayer..


So show me a little of your gratitude with attitude, ladies and gentlemen. 

Humbly submit your best toasts here! 




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Here's to you: Mr. Chanting Native American Guy. From Enigma to Metalica to Sting, you've made your voice heard in the most random songs of the last twenty years. I raise my glass to you and salute you. Keep doing what you do, sir. Keep doing what you do...



This was penned after a surprise Enigma song somehow made it through my cringe filter on Slacker Radio. 

I did quite shamelessly have those "Here's To You" Bud Lite commercials * in mind at the time, though it was just the general concept, not set to tune.



I believe that toasts are the poetry of our current life. They are traditionally and historically present in all major events since recorded time, and are unto themselves a reflection of the very present they are recited within. Passed down and changed, each one tells a story of society at large during a very specific sliver of history.

You can judge a culture by the quality of it's toast.

It is probably one of the first rituals that predate religion. 

Mankind's first meme, 






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