Coming from the days of LSD, peace signs, and patchwork blue jeans I am curious as to what percentage of bygone hippies actually jumped on board the atheist movement then or now. I personally didn't experience a transformation to atheism until about 15 years ago; I am 54 years young now. I did experiment with hallucinogenic drugs way back then but don't specifically recall any moments of LSD-induced clarity where I saw god or one of his angels. The area I live in (north central Arkansas Ozarks) has a still quite large populace of hippies who migrated here in the early seventies. There was a folk music interest that brought some and remains to this day. But I digress. A lot of the older hippy types I still rub elbows with are more comfortable with agnosticism.

So if you still have some hippy friends what is their stance on religion? 



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