Some time ago, I had a problem with being buried in T|A emails every day.  Per Morgan's suggestion, I successfully registered for Nutshell's daily email digest.  Now, every morning at 8:am, I get one 'Nutshell' email  containing many of the notifications and posts I'm following.  That's all wonderful.

The only problem is...   I'm still getting all the blasted emails in addition to the nutshell email.  Check out the attached pic.  Maybe I'm just being retarded....

I must have some setting improperly registered.  Any suggestions. 

Your thoughts and suggestions are really appreciated.


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Thanks for reply. Yes, I certainly considered that, but my thought-process included the following considerations: If I disable 'types' of email notifications, then.... (1) there wouldn't be anything left that needed 'nutshelling,' (2) there might not be any change with the problem of Nutshell not nutshelling the few emails I had since it didn't do it in the first place.

Despite that, I'm going to take your advice, just because 30 emails per day is a wee much. I'll just have to more actively monitor the site on my own.

Again, thank you for your time!


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