I'm doing something wrong. I can't seem to put a picture in my profile. I click on "choose file", click on the picture I want in my Window Photo Gallery, click on "Open" and all that happens is the file name appears next to "Choose file" but the picture doesn't show up in the photo space.  Many thanks, ilene

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How large is the photo you're trying to upload? You may want to do a smaller version if possible.
It says it 9.56KB . I thought that would be ok. Is it too big?
I can see your pic, so I guess that you got the problem resolved.

Has anyone gotten back to you on this? I am having the same problem.


Hey Jack,

My name is Shawn and I to am a new member. I was having the same problem. What you have to do is select your picture and then scroll all the way down to almost the bottom of the page. See where it says "leave Think Atheist (and the word) Save" in the box. If you click on that it saves your profile pic. I hope this was helpful or that you got it fixed already anyway it's a terrible page layout issue. Take Care, Shawn.

Ilene, and Jack Frost, 

You're file size is not a problem.  However, if it's going to work at all, the new pic will only appear in that little thumbnail area, after you click on Save, at the bottom of the page. 



I seem to be having the same problem. I can download pics in the picture section no problem but it will not work for my profile pic. I checked the sizes and they meet all the requirements. And have tried changing them to different formats and to even smaller size files all to no avail. When my cursor is in an undefined field an hour glass appears next to it and nothing happens even after 25min.

I seem to have the opposite problem.  I was successful in uploading a profile pic, but I have created an album after uploading 4 or 5 pics.  It says to drag the pics to the album, but I cannot find the ones I uploaded anywhere.  All pics were under the size limitation - where have they gone?

I want to change my profile picture.  It's just not doing anything when I upload a new pic and click save.  I can't click on the Save button at the bottom of the page either.  This is so frustrating!


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