Since the formatting options changed several months ago, we've seen tons of posts with black or gray text that is near impossible to read (without each reader making an effort). This came about because Ning added the option for Rich Text formatting, making it easier on those who do not know HTML to format their posts. The drawback is that when you paste something into the Rich Text editor it maintains all the formatting it had in the location you copied it from (or nearly all).

By default, MS Word is formatted using black text, so a copy and paste from Word into the Rich Text editor will usually format all your text black. Also a copy and paste from another website brings in the same formatting.

So... How do I fix that?

If you're working in MS Word before posting something, you can pre-format your text white (or some other light color that works against the dark slate background), then paste it into the Rich Text editor.

If you're pulling from another source (or have already pasted in), there is a Remove Formatting button in the tool bar.

Simply highlight all the text that was pasted in, then click the Remove Formatting button.

Keep in mind that this will clear ALL FORMATTING; so if you have bold, italics, alignment, numbering, etc -- of it will be cleared.

As an alternate, you can try using the HTML editor to make formatting changes. If you are planning to try this, I highly recommend pasting into the HTML editor first (not into the Rich Text editor). Also you may want to reference the Basic Formatting and Advanced Formatting posts I have up.

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That part of it is in the back-end of Ning's engine, so not something Morgan can customize.

If you were wanting a color other-than white, changing the color in Word as a pre-formatting step might be the easiest. Also coloring using the HTML Font tag isn't too difficult.


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