If you feel confident with your basic formatting skills, lets take a look at some more advanced options.

Most of the places you can post things in a text box on TA, you can utilize HTML code, allowing you many more options than just the basic formatting button bar provides.

If you're familiar with HTML coding I probably won't have anything new for you here. If you are not familiar with HTML coding, but feel confident you can learn a few tid-bits, then this post should help you.

All HTML tags use the less-than and greater-than symbols. The code starts with the less than < and ends with the greater than >. Most code needs a closing code also, this is done with the forward slash symbol /. This really is the most basic of instruction, if you need more detail I suggest searching for a HTML tutorial.

So for example entering:

Gets a result of: Advanced Formatting

Hopefully that's enough to give a starting point. If that's not, again I suggest you find a more complete tutorial. Here's some suggestions to help format your posts and replies more effectively.

Entering this:

Will get you this:
This is a great place to paste information previously discussed, thus illustrating you are quoting from a different location (either previously in the discussion, or a completely outside source).

Entering this:

Will get you this: Change your font style.

Entering this:

Will get you this: Change your font color.

Entering this:

Will get you a larger font size, but only in blog posts.

Or combining them:

Will get you this: Change your font style.

"UL" stands for Unordered List, "OL" stands for Ordered List, "LI" stands for List Item.
For an unordered or bullet list, entering:

Gets you this:
  • Some stuff here.
  • More stuff.
  • Still more.
  • Last one.
For an ordered or numbered list, entering:

Gets you this:
  1. Number One.
  2. Number Two.
  3. Number Three.
  4. Number Four.

Entering this:

Will get you this:
You can center things too.


I'll post others if I think of them, but these are the main codes I use often to make my posts more aesthetically pleasing. Remember not to over format, it doesn't take much to make a post look sloppy and disorganized.

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The blockquote tag will get you different effect depending on where you are posting it.

The default font size for almost everything on TA (or any Ning network) is 2. When you use blockquotes in a Discussion post or a Discussion comment it will maintain the font size 2 plus will automatically make it italics. When you use blockquotes in a Video post it will change the font size to 1, and automatically make it italics. In a Video comment it keeps the font size 2, and automatically make it italics. When you use blockquotes in a Blog post, Blog comment, or Profile Page comment it changes the font size 3, and does not make it italics.

So in those areas that you don't want the big font and you do want it italicized; code that info in there.

So this:

Gets you this:
Most times you can make the format work for you, if you know the code to manipulate it
Excellent tips, Johnny! Thanks for this resource!
This is so helpful Johnny... Why didn't I notice your post before? Hopefully, I'll be able to manage these tasks when I need them. Thanks.
You're welcome! Although I think I need to update it a little new formatting options.


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