HOW TO: Add a Think Atheist site search to Chrome (and other browsers)

This enables you (in a chrome browser) to just quickly type in ta in the address bar, space, then a search term. A google search of those terms comes up, showing only ThinkAtheist pages. 

You don't even have to be on a TA page to run the TA search. E.g. by just typing in "ta fsm warm fuzzy", I get two ThinkAtheist results from google. (By the way, you can bookmark any google search, but I don't even bother.)

To add this search to Chrome:


  • Click on the wrench (or settings) icon, Options, Basic tab, (Search:) Manage button, Add button.
  • Type the following into the Add Search Engine form:
  • Name: Think Atheist (or whatever you want to call it)
  • Keyword: ta (or whatever you'll remember the best) 
  • URL: X %s
  • [Copy the above url text, without the X in front of it. Sorry, I can't figure out yet how to make that bulleted item just appear as pure text instead of a link in this post. Any html suggestions, please?]
  • Click on the OK and Close buttons


That's it!

FYI in any browser, you can still search for TA-only results in google by typing in, followed by a space and your search terms. (You can even bookmark a blank site search if you want, so all you have to do after clicking on a TA Search bookmark button is enter your search terms into google's search field.)

Click on the following link if you want to see exactly what the TA-only google search will look like before any search terms are added:

Other suggestions are welcome here!

(Meanwhile, hopefully Ning will enhance search options. This has already been suggested in TA About, Ideas.)


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Thanks, Paul!

Beginners tip: use Google's Cached link, when available.

Google results can be irrelevant when they link to pages indexed when the search term was (e.g.) in a sidebar instead of the actual meat of the article, or before the page has changed. If you expect you might have to wade through several irrelevant pages, click on google's Cached links instead of the main links.

Cached link is sometimes the only relevant link; additionally, the highlights help you quickly locate the relevant text. For example, google TA for three words brian green colbert:

  • brian greene colbert

The main link in a search result entitled "Atheists Who Love Science!" links to a TA page that changed since it was indexed [as of this writing, at least]. To see the page as it existed when it was indexed, click on the Cached link instead of the main link.


I should mention that the above directions are a bit different in newer versions of Chrome, but the sequence is basically the same.

Click on the rightmost button ("Customize and control Google Chrome); Settings;

then in the Search group of settings, click on the "Manage search engines..." button. Scroll to the bottom of the "Other search engines" list, then Add the name (e.g. Google TA Search), keyword (e.g. TA), and url (e.g. %s ).

Meanwhile, keep crossing our fingers for a built in TA search feature with more options.

I'm going to re-write this discussion to simplify and/or index it.

Meanwhile I'm experimenting with a possible indexing process and workflow:

#TAindex #TAgooSearch #HowTo


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