A new feature from Apple makes a perfect addition to your My Page on Think Atheist!

A feature from Apple called My iTunes (iTunes account required) enables you to share your top reviews, favorite artists, new music, movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store with anyone. And it fits perfectly into your member page. (Or any other place you have a text box on the site) Here's how to set it up.

1. Head to your iTunes account page and sign in.

2. Three-quarters down the page, on the right, click the "Enable My iTunes" button.

3. If you agree to Apple's Terms of Service, check the box and press "continue."

4. Check the box next to item you want to show off (either your purchases, your most purchased artists or your iTunes Music Store reviews), then click the "Get HTML Code" button next to the item you'd like to feature.

5. You will be brought to an Apple web site where you can customize the appearance of your My iTunes widget. The first option allows you to choose a size. The "large" size is recommended, as it fits nicely within Think Atheist's center column. However, choose any size you'd like.

6. Next, choose the your preferred color.

7. When satisfied with the widget's look, simply click "Copy Code."

8.Navigate back to your network, make sure you are signed in and then find the text box to which you would like to add the widget. Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the text box and paste in the My iTunes code.

9. Click "save" and admire your creation!

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