Does ning have any kind of Knowledge Base, or Support Center, for resolving site/page issues?

I ask, because I am unable to change either my main theme selection, or type into any of the text boxes - or change previously uploaded background images - under the Advance Settings area on the "My Page" Appearance page. 


And also, because I'm experiencing the same problems on Brother Richards' ning site.


If it's a ning problem, where can I go for some answers?




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Last night, Matthew Morgan (or Morgan Matthew - I always get his names switched around) told us in chat that TA is going to be making changes today and that people would lose their page designs. I don't know if it will be temporary or if you will need to re-set things after the changes are made.


I hope this helps and I hope I did not misunderstand what Matthew Morgan/Morgan Matthew said. This is the best I can recall what he said.


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