Is it possible to nuke a comment once it's posted? I'm sure this has been asked and answered but damned if I can find it.

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There are no replies. It's just a misfire of my own. So how do I delete it?

Wow, I never saw this post! I imagine by now you know about the tiny x in the upper right of each of your own posts? (I'm asking, in case I misunderstand exactly what you were asking.)

Now I'll look into why no one saw and/or answered this post!

I have the tiny x for the replies, but not for the OP.

You can close it using the "Options" link above and to the right of the original post's title. If you want to go full Monty and delete it, you'll have to ask one of the moderators. It's my impression that only they can totally nuke a post.

Try praying first and if that does not work just ask a moderator if you want a particular post edited or deleted :-)


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