trying to change theme, select the new theme, then "ok", then nothing. Tried IE/FF/Chrome.


Theme does not change.


Any ideas?

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Never mind, sorted.
I am unable to change my theme or profile photo - and have really messed it up trying.

It sounds like you figured it out, but the response you left, to your own problem ("Never mind, sorted.") is no help to me, nor I suspect anyone else. 

I would appreciate anything you can tell me about the problem;  Why it is a problem;  What does one have to do to correct the problem (?) 

Thanks,  D R Hosie


Wasn;t a problem per se, I just didn't see the save button below.


Thanks for the response, but I must be having a different problem; neither use of the "Apply the Theme" and/or use of the "Save" buttons work; won't 'reset' or change it.  But it really messed up the custom settings I had before.  


But thanks again,  Hosie

I think the theme only applies to the "My Page" section.


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