I find it annoying that it's six hours behind than what it's supposed to be. I know that's the date and time in Dallas (and that area) where the owner of this site lives, but can't we change it based on wherever each of us live? I guess it would have to be added because I couldn't find anything about this in the Settings area. This is a basic option for most forums, and it would be nice for us to have it too. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, though I would like a staff member to do it because he/she would have more information on this.

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The time zone is correct for me. I'm guessing TA uses the Zip Code field in your profile. So maybe it only works for North America, so far.
Well, I have started this discussion at 7:34 pm but now it shows that I have started it at 1:34 pm. It clearly does not work for me.


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