Hi everyone!
I hope you are all healthy and happy today.
I'm posting in all the foodie forums this afternoon, and have a question for Healthy Atheists.

What are your tips and tricks to eat better while saving money?
What type of groceries do you buy on a budget?

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@Misty - We can definitely chat more about this topic, but I might just post a discussion for others to join in. Hopefully, we can all remain civil, it can be a very HEATED topic for some people. (Me included, to be honest...)

You might like to check out this discussion in Green Atheists, How Growth in Consumption Drives Climate Change, which states that consumption more than population growth if fueling climate change.

"The greatest human driver of global warming is the number of consumers on the planet and their consumption level. Individuals and households contribute to global warming by consuming goods and services that cause greenhouse gas emissions..."
Check out this discussion in Vegetarian and Vegan Atheists>> Short On $$$? You Can Still Eat Well
Thanks, everyone!
My own tip/trick for eating well while saving money is by shopping at local ethnic markets.
Right now my favorite place is an Asian fishmarket. They have a huge selection of herbs and produce that's grown locally.
Thanks for the link, Sydni. I'm checking it out right now.



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