Vertical Wall Planters from Woolly Pockets

posted by Remodelista
Jul 23, 2010

Vertical Wall Planters from Woolly Pockets

We’ve recently admired these verdant vertical gardens that seem to be everywhere—adorning storefronts, interior spaces, and restaurant patios. A little sleuthing turned up a popular source used by designers and architects: Woolly Pockets, modular gardening containers made by a family-owned business based in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable gardening containers that come in two styles: horizontal or vertical. Handmade in the US from felt made from recycled plastic bottles, lined Woolly Pockets can be used indoors (they have built-in moisture protection to keep floors and walls from getting wet); unlined Woolly Pockets are also available for outdoor gardening when maximum drainage is desired. For user guidelines, go to Woolly Pocket.

Above: Woolly Pockets make ideal in-kitchen gardens.

Above: At 68 inches in length, the Wally Pocket Three is $91 for the unlined

and $125 for the lined at Velocity Art and Design (a five-pocket version is also available).

Above: The Wally Pocket One measures 24 inches wide and is $49 for the lined

and $39 for the unlined at Velocity Art and Design.

For another take on vertical gardens, see Remodelista’s post Design Sleuth: Air Plant Garden Trellis.

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