8 Extremely Weird Plants

posted by Mel, selected from DivineCaroline
Sep 27, 2010

Weird is relative. What seems weird to me might not seem weird to you. In the plant kingdom, however, there are definitely some species that most people would acknowledge are highly unusual.

Dracunculus vulgaris: smells like rotting flesh, and has a burgundy-colored, leaf-like flower that projects a slender, black appendage.

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My favorite has always been the hammer orchid. It has a piece that looks and smells like a female wasp, which is attached to a hinge. When a male wasp lands on it and tries to get it on, the hinge forces the wasp to slam back and forth into a pouch of pollen. After enough head banging and thrashing, the wasp finally gives up and distributes the pollen stuck to its body to other flowers. I always love imagining what's going on in the head of the male wasp as it plans to get down for a little somethn' somethin' with a little lady only to get thrashed back and forth. "WTF!"

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