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Ongoing List of 'Green' Institutions, Organizations, Blogs, Government Agencies, News Portals etc.

Started by Sydni Moser. Last reply by A Former Member Apr 8, 2011. 32 Replies

Please contribute worthy online sites to this growing list...RESEARCH AND POLICY INSTITUTIONS The Earth Institute at Columbia…Continue

A sustainable future for transportation?

Started by Big Fella Apr 5, 2011. 0 Replies

For some time I've been a proponent of "going green" and sustainable, although I can be an annoying skeptic and can get quite cranky from ill informed consumerist behavior. I am for instance not a…Continue

Tags: bio, fuel, cell, hybrid, sustainable

A Food Manifesto for the Future

Started by Sydni Moser. Last reply by Allen J. Thoma Feb 16, 2011. 4 Replies

ByMARK BITTMANFebruary 1, 2011NY Times  For decades, Americans believed that we had the…Continue

Genghis Khan the GREEN

Started by Sydni Moser Feb 3, 2011. 0 Replies

 Invader killed so many people that carbon levels plummetedBy Daily Mail Reporter 25th…Continue

Judge Jeffrey White Orders Plants That Provide GMO Sugar Beet Seeds To Be Destroyed

Started by Sydni Moser Dec 4, 2010. 0 Replies

MICHAEL J. CRUMB 12/ 3/10 Huffington PostDES MOINES, Iowa — A federal judge in California has ordered the removal from the ground of plants grown to produce seeds for genetically modified sugar…Continue

Trash To Treasure: From Toilets To Tiles

Started by Sydni Moser Nov 30, 2010. 0 Replies

November 30, 2010NPRLISTEN to the (4 min.) Story HERE:You wouldn't expect a landfill to be a…Continue

Open Call For All Your Environmental/Green Movie and Video Selections...

Started by Sydni Moser. Last reply by Sydni Moser Nov 28, 2010. 121 Replies

I thought it would be good idea to have a place where we can store all our favorite "Green" videos and movies in one area. Again, everything is covered within the "Green" topic, from Climate Change…Continue

Green Packaging: Are Potatoes, Coconuts And Mushrooms The Way Of The Future? (PHOTOS)

Started by Sydni Moser Nov 21, 2010. 0 Replies

The Huffington Post | Alden Wicker Posted: 11-17-10 Does seeing all that plastic packaging going in the trash every time you eat make you feel guilty? There are innovators out there who want to…Continue

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Comment by Dennis Paul Renner on July 3, 2010 at 11:34pm
Richard Sears has one fatal flaw in his overly optimistic talk. It takes more energy to change the molecular structure of coal or any fuel substance than what you will get out of it.
Comment by Sydni Moser on July 3, 2010 at 10:47am

13 Nagging Environmental Questions Finally Answered!
By Diane MacEachern -

Test Yourself >> See how many correct answers you have for these controversial questions? LINK
Comment by Sydni Moser on July 3, 2010 at 7:24am

Art That Breathes and Grows—Because It's Made Out of Plants

Bringing a Bridge to Life

The fingers of foliage on this bridge in the south of France are layers of mosses, vines, ferns, and other vegetation devised by Patrick Blanc, a globe-trotting tropical botanist based at the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Blanc has explored remote terrain from Thailand to the Andes to gain deeper knowledge of tropical flora, both to serve a career as a research scientist and, since the mid-eighties, to inform the techniques of his vertical gardens.

Check out the SLIDE SHOW HERE:
Comment by Sydni Moser on July 3, 2010 at 7:17am

Galleries / Vertical Farms: High Hopes for Feeding the Future

Urban Abundance

Also called "farmscrapers," vertical farms could make cities self-sustainable. A 30-story vertical farm the size of one Manhattan city block could theoretically provide food year-round to 50,000 people.

By mid-century, 80 percent of the world's population is expected to reside in urban centers. Properly situated, vertical farms could eliminate the need for long-distance crop transport and refrigeration, reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. They'd even scrub CO2 from city skies, giving us a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Check out the SLIDE SHOW HERE:
Comment by Sydni Moser on July 1, 2010 at 5:24am

Comment by Sydni Moser on June 29, 2010 at 10:07am
What a Way to Go - Documentary Trailer

WATCH the Full Documentary On-Line for Free HERE:

Read More About This Documentary HERE:
Comment by Sydni Moser on June 24, 2010 at 8:20am

10 of the smallest homes in the world

A truly 'eco' abode
From energy expenditure to building materials, living in a smaller house is one of the best ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Giving up the luxury of space and living more minimally isn't always easy, but it does come with a few perks: fewer possessions, bigger skies and open spaces! Plus, a smaller house makes it easier to cozy up to your loved ones. You'll learn more about Paul Elkin's compact cycle home in a few more clicks. Meanwhile, here's a reminder that bigger isn't always better: 10 of the tiniest homes in the world. (Text: Bryan Nelson)

Check out the entire slide show HERE
Comment by Sydni Moser on June 23, 2010 at 8:34am

* DEAD BIRDS: 957 * oiled but alive: 724 * cleaned/released: 97

* DEAD MAMMALS: 47 * oiled but alive: 4 * cleaned/released: 1

* DEAD SEA TURTLES: 387 * oiled but alive: 117 * cleaned/released: 3

(Stats seem rather low to me given the devastation and the tremendous amount of wildlife that resides there.)
Comment by Sydni Moser on June 22, 2010 at 10:59am


The media conglomerate Discovery Communications used to be known for their earth-friendly offerings. But they’ve just paid millions to Sarah Palin to host a “nature” show, despite her decidedly anti-environmental stance: She vocally advocates for habitat-destroying oil drilling, she denies global warming is a human-caused threat, and she spearheaded a brutal wolf-slaughter program as governor of Alaska.

It’s one thing if Fox News gives Sarah Palin a platform. But when Discovery Communications – home to the Discovery Channel, the "Planet Earth" series, the Science Channel, Animal Planet, and – gives a show to Sarah Palin, it undercuts everything the Discovery brand has come to represent.

Anti-environmentalism has no place in the Discovery Communications lineup. Demand that the company cancel "Sarah Palin's Alaska" before it airs.

The former partial-term Alaska governor is reportedly getting paid $1.2 million per episode to host a television series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska," to be broadcast on TLC, one of Discovery Communications' channels. And if Palin runs for president in 2012, a show that provides her the opportunity to greenwash her environmental record on a mainstream, eco-friendly channel is downright dangerous.

Here’s what Sarah Palin’s real Alaska is:

* She accelerated Alaska's cruel aerial wolf-hunting program while in office, introducing a $150 bounty for each slaughtered wolf's forelimb.

* She made a personal appeal to Alaska voters to oppose a ballot measure that would have stopped the immense Pebble Mine operation from dumping cyanide and mining waste into streams that make their way to Bristol Bay, home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world.

* When President Bush finally agreed to list the polar bear as a threatened species in 2008 because of global warming's effects on its habitat, the governor sued to challenge the listing.

* Armed with her "Drill, Baby, Drill" catchphrase, Palin called for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Cook Inlet to oil and gas drilling.

With such a disastrous environmental track record, how could Sarah Palin get a nature show on an eco-conscious media platform like Discovery? The answer may lie in Discovery's COO, Peter Liguori, who joined Discovery in December after a previous stint at Palin's other TV home: Fox Broadcast Co.

We can't let an anti-environment extremist like Sarah Palin take over Discovery and spread her "drill here, drill now" message on a science and environment network.

Speak out now and demand that Discovery pull Sarah Palin's show before it airs.

Comment by Sydni Moser on June 22, 2010 at 10:45am

May 05, 2010 — GASLAND - (2010) Directed by Josh Fox. Winner of Special Jury Prize - Best US Documentary Feature - Sundance 2010. Screening at Cannes 2010.

It is happening all across America and now in Europe and Africa as well - rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from a multinational energy conglomerate wanting to lease their property. The Reason? In America, the company hopes to tap into a huge natural gas reservoir dubbed the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground—a hydraulic drilling process called fracking—and suddenly America finds itself on the precipice of becoming an energy superpower.

But what comes out of the ground with that natural gas? How does it affect our air and drinking water? GASLAND is a powerful personal documentary that confronts these questions with spirit, strength, and a sense of humor. When filmmaker Josh Fox receives his cash offer in the mail, he travels across 32 states to meet other rural residents on the front lines of fracking. He discovers toxic streams, ruined aquifers, dying livestock, brutal illnesses, and kitchen sinks that burst into flame. He learns that all water is connected and perhaps some things are more valuable than money.

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