Someone wanna tell me why my deodorant has a very explicit warning about consulting your doctor before use if you have a history of kidney problems?
I mean, really?
What the fuck kind of chemicals does it have in it?

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I think it is because people with impaired renal function can't get rid of the aluminum. Here is an article about the aluminum containing renal warning mandated by the FDA.
Most common cosmetic products contain a wide variety of irritants, hormone disrupters, carcinogens and other nasties. There are a wide variety of environment and human friendly alternatives available, but you may not find them in your local supermarkets and convenience stores, and you may have to visit a health food store or order online.
Here's a link to a site you might find interesting - - enjoy
Great video clip. Thanks. There is so many things that are bad for us in products we use on a daily basis. I drive myself crazy reading labels. The advertising is so misleading. Always claiming to be organic or natural. Concumer beware!
I suppose I should have phrased my question as
"Why in the fuck do I need aluminum in deodorant? "
I'm not asking to be wrapped in tin foil like left over turkey.
I just don't want to smell like ass!
Simply put, you don't need aluminium, but it is a cheap and effective way to kill the bacteria that cause BO; shame it's toxic to humans too! There are mineral-based alternatives that work well, such as PitRok.
Misty, check this out!

Good intro to the subject.


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