For some time I've been a proponent of "going green" and sustainable, although I can be an annoying skeptic and can get quite cranky from ill informed consumerist behavior. I am for instance not a big fan of hybrid solutions per se, they have a definite benefit and advantage in certain (city) situations but are not necessarily a permanent sustainable solution to personal transportation in my opinion.*


I couldn't yet find a sort of brainstorm discussion about what people think are real achievable solutions to the problems of achieving sustainable (personal) transportation and because we all commute and travel I thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss.


To start the discussion I'd like to propose that Bio-Fuel is not a true sustainable solution for energy generation. Even  if perhaps one day we would be able to use algae to grow them, it would still require quite a bit of scarce resources to sow the power. To me solar power would be a better way of power generation because it could be "harvested" in scarcely populated areas and some quite remarkable solar power plants show some stunning new possibilities for sustainable (electrical) energy generation.

Perhaps for certain forms of transport such as planes Bio-Fuel would remain a necessity, I'm not quite sure but I do believe that even the best batteries do not have the potential energy per weight required to fly an airplane across the ocean for instance.

For personal transport we would need technological advancement in the field of batteries and charge times.  I do believe that fuel cells are a potential solution for electric cars for commuting and such. 


I see a future where solar, wind and tidal power generators supply power for almost all of the power usage on land connected to a grid and with fuel cells for personal transportation. Fossil fuels and Bio Fuels will remain a necessity for airplanes and boats I suppose but to which extent I'm not sure, any thoughts? How do you see the future of transportation or do you have any ideas on what your kids or grandchildren will "drive" this is the place to share it!


* I don't annoy Prius owners about their hybrid engine though, I usually can't stop laughing about the appearance of that ugly ***car to say a word to those poor souls.

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