Does anyone else delight in tracking down their favorite edition for every title for their library? (Pics included!)

Like the title says, every time I get the itch to buy a particular book, I research every known printing before I buy.  For golden age sci-fi classics I like to find pulp '60s paperbacks with gorgeous cover paintings.  For books I know I'll read again and again I track down the most beautiful hardcover editions I can find.

This week I decided to read all of the original Sherlock Holmes stories for the first time.  When I learned of the gigantic annotated edition from 1969 I jumped at the chance to get an unread FN copy which surfaced in California.

This is the first single-volume edition of The Annotated Sherlock Holmes. This mammoth, fully illustrated beast is over 1,500 pages, measures 9.0" x 11.5" x 3.25", and weighs in at a hefty 10lbs.

The book was purchased new by a hoarder and sat on the shelf for nearly 30 years, unread. I can feel the tension on the spine like I'm the first to ever turn its pages.

It just landed on my doorstep this evening.  I'm going to LOVE reading it!

Is anyone else as selective about their editions as I am?

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It just got even better - I re-purposed a mahogany magazine holder as a bookcase the exact size of the single-volume Annotated Holmes. Absolutely beautiful.

Thats a handsome volume and stand. LOVE the Original Sherlock Holmes stories! You are in for a treat! I am not too particular when it comes to specific editions of books. But I did make sure to get all the Bloomsbury editions of the Harry Potter series. And I found a great old copy of Day Of The Triffids by John Wyndham, great story!


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