What do you think about a serious God discussion with my pastor Recording(Wire)?

I had talked earlier about going to confirmation and just saying "No" at the ceremony as some kind of an edgy protest . But somehow my dad got a hold of that idea and forbid me to go. And instead have a "Serious" discussion with my pastor about My decision to stop believing the church. So, in helpless compliance I agreed. And got another great idea to Record this, "Discussion"  and post it on ThinkAtheist for people to listen to. I do have a way to discreetly record conversations, and it would be a fantastic example of churches reactions to atheist teens. I don't know about you, but thats sounds like it would be really interesting, and a great thing to document. Let me know what you think...And I should have recorded this talk by this Sunday(Church).     

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It would be interesting what they'll say when confronted with an Atheist but getting the equipment might be a bit of a hassle.
oh i HAVE the equipment....kind of, its good enough
I did, but I'm a bit embarrassed to post it. I was really nervous, and made some bad points , but it WAS my first "Debate" so to speak so I guess it Thats expected. What I did was got the recorder on my phone and stuck it half  way out of my pocket. It worked , lol, and I recorded it. But again it was my first time and he wants to meet in the future. What do you think about recording the next one but this time with Actual evidence, better points and tufer  questions?, he is asking me from a paper all the questions they ask when they have a new member. i think he said like 105 questions sooo

Did you ever follow through with this? Sounds like it could be interesting.

I may also do this at some point, sounds like a good idea


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