Please post a picture of you avatar on youtube and a link to your channel! We all want to find more heretic videos... right? ^_^

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This is my channel! I'm not very popular.... yet. We'll see if I ever get more viewers.
um oops here is where i put my channel, I'm closing in on 7,000 subs now & would really appreciate the support :)
My music channel has about the same popularity as yours (briant and skycomet). You both have very charming, clever and often humourus videos - so I'll watch all of them and hopefully you get more followers!

Love the honesty in your videos Angie, well done on 10,000 subscribers! My humble advice is to not bother talking about the current Thunderf00t nonsense... That's all coming to an end now and he's subtly admitting that it was all very daft indeed. Hopefully he'll pick up where he left off with the sciencey videos.

Don't have one of these channels yet, just wanted to wish you three well.
thanks buddy, we are getting there, slowly but surely ;-)
BTW... WHAT IS the Thunderf00t thing? I watched your reaction video angie... and well.... got confused... I subscribe to too many people and haven't been watching Thunderf00t's vids recently... but a buncho of atheist youtubers are posting vids about something he did... what's going on? @_@

I'm lost....
A lot of hysteria around the the so-called Ground Zero Mosque (Park 51 Islamic Center). when people had genuine criticisms of some of us sources/rhetorical tactics he ignored them, mischaracterized them and attacked strawmen, and then generally started acting like an ass (IMHO)

Here's hoping it's over.
Heh... I sent you info about TA in PM on youtube... but I didn't know you were already part of this site... whoops... hope you enjoyed the video though...


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