I'm not a video creator - just a watcher - but I had an idea for a collab video. Let me try to explain it, then if someone wants to create it, go for it!  :)


Get 66 Youtubers (though any number will do), and have each one make a 10-30sec snippet of video. Some could make more than one. The actual time of each snippet doesn't matter as long as it's very short. The subject is irrelevant, but should be diverse (ie: not just atheism. In fact, probably avoid it.) The idea is to have a nice mish-mash of ideas, concepts and statements. Based on the numbers above, this segment will be about 7-21 minutes. Ideally, we're looking at about 10mins. But this is just the beginning...


Having presented the above patchwork, the text appears. Something like: "What would you think if someone told you that the video you just saw was a unified work, with a single theme running throughout?"


Then perhaps a small section showing some of the snippets that did happen to agree, and some of those that flatly contradicted each other. Then the obvious comparison to the Bible and other holy books.


An optional addition could be an example of an actual unified/co-operative video, again by the same Youtubers, but obviously working together. They could recite a poem or a statement, one line/sentence per person. Perhaps one person "passes" an object to the next one. This would be a little extra work, but would be a nice touch.


It might be cute to present the video itself as someone going into a movie theatre to watch the mish-mash, then, on his bemused exit, someone asks him about it.


But, hey, you're the creative geniuses! (genii?)


Thoughts?  :D

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