What distro do you use? Why?

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I use Ubuntu.
Because I got fed up with Debian's inability to incorporate a newer glibc version... among other things.
I generally used Ubuntu alot, but ever since 8.10 its been bulked up with so much crap it runs like a slug on my computer. So i found a lighter gnome distro called "Linux Mint" its got everything ubuntu has yet runs so much faster... I don't really trust any updates with my computer b/c it seems that every time i update something happens to my speed/other crap, but theres really no need to update too often or at least until another stable version comes out.

Other than Linux Mint and Ubuntu i use/used: Gentoo, Fedora, Redhat, Mandora, Slackware, Backtrack, Xubuntu/Kubuntu, Puppy Linux, Dream Linux <33 (really nice but low support), OpenSuse, OpenBSD, but i think thats just scratching the surface... i love tinkering around with new Distro's and see what makes them tick differently =]

This is what i currently "Quad" boot:
Linux Mint
Ubuntu 8.10
Windows Vista SP2
Mac OSX 1.0.5 Intel Patch SSE2/SSE3
Krysis, I'm very curious about how you say Linux Mint is so much faster...
I wonder why this is?
I wonder if there are steps that can be taken to speed up the std. Ubuntu like Mint...

Oh and are you using the latest version? 6.0? 32bit or 64bit?
I know they just released their first 64bit...
I didn't use 64bit comfortably until Ubuntu 8.10 and the 64bit flash plugin was released...
And it still has its quirks....

Yeah I like trying new distro's too... do you read distrowatch.com?
I'm a big fan of Distrowatch.com...as a matter of fact, I have a bundle of distro discs still in the mailer on my desk at home..waiting for me to slap some hardware together and play...:)

They say you always eventually go back to your first distro, and for me that's SuSE...when someone yells at you to RTFM!...you actually can with SuSE...lol
Debian, Scientific linux are good...I never cared much for Redhat or Mandrake(mandriva) but my heart always has a special place for knoppix...been around for along time and still great and tiny...works almost every time....
I also use Ubuntu, with KDE (i use both Gnome and kde). I've been using linux for about a year now so I'm no expert, but i know my way around quite well.

I'm currently testing Jaunty Alpha 6 as my main OS (i've upgraded from 8.10 since Alpha 4 ) Yes i know they say it's a big no no, but i like the adventure and did the same with 8.10. Also, ext4 seems faster than ext3, give it a try when it's released in jaunty. I'll be switching to it with the os partition when Jaunty is released.

I have SLAX Linux installed on a flash drive, really neat little thing based on Slackware.

Ubuntu was recommended to me when I first decided to install linux on my hdd (had been running slax for a while), and it has everything I could ever want (except run CS, but I hear we'll be getting better 3D in Koala, so I'll try it then, maybe with better wine).

Ubuntu here, along with an old Suse installation on one machine. At work, Ubuntu, Red Hat (ancient version, too. The only version IT's backup software will interface with) and one Slackware box that sits in the corner and just does its job without needing to be logged into more than once a year or so.
I use Linux Mint 8.0? The only one that actually worked on my Acer Netbook D250.

I could have been me failing to "format" between tries but I tested some 30 distros and Mint was the only one detecting my hardware. I have it on a USB stick still and have not dared to make a "frugal" install using Unetbootin or EasyBCD or any such because I know too little and dont' want to destroy the warranty of the machine in case some hardware problem happens.

Several of the distros did shut down the Ethernet card so the only way to get it back was to pull the powre plug and let the RAM memory go flat. That revived the Ethernet card.
I have been a linux user for 6 years. Currently I use Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop. On my eeepc and server I am using Crunchbang 9.04.1 (another Ubuntu derivative).
I use ubuntu as a workstation and for my desktop. I use Windows for my netbook (Rosetta Stone, Guitar Pro).

I'm a Linux Engineer at a webhosting company, so I spend a lot of my day in CentOS and FreeBSD shells.

I administrated some Gentoo servers for a while, and had it as a desktop. I really have a lot of respect for that OS, but it just takes up too much of my time. I think if I started my own hosting business I would probably think about using Gentoo.
I use Ubuntu Karmic Koala now on my desktop and Crunchbang on my laptop, though I think I'll be switching to another distro on the laptop, perhaps MacPup Foxy, a very attractive distro. Regarding Ubuntu, you can certainly speed it up by removing the stuff you don't need. When I put in a new hard drive I installed a very lean setup for Ubuntu and it runs fast. The upgrade feature is fantastic. Crunchbang is already built lean and is very fast, but I've had trouble configuring it with some of my hardware, especially the wireless. At some point, when I'm better educated, I want to play with the more hands-on distros like Sabayon Linux.


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