So is everyone finding that Lucid is causing issues for them too?

Here's just a few of the issues I've run into so far:
  • themes moving buttons back to the right side
  • the boot splash blowing up to ugly proportions
  • suspend/resume not working on a laptop
I fixed the buttons issue with a nice built in config for them with the latest version of Ubuntu Tweak Its in Desktop > Window Manager Settings > Window Titlebar Button Layout.

I fixed the boot splash with this helpful tutorial

But I searched and searched, trying many suggestions, but was unable to fix the suspend/resume on a Sony Laptop. From what I was reading I gather it was the integrated Intel 4500HD graphics that was the culprit, but I am not sure.

You guys have any tips/tricks for Lucid? Post them here!

Oh, BTW check out my new favorite shell: fish

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I made a post in my blog about stop the annoyances in Ubuntu. Maybe will help you with some of your problems.


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