Today I tested to put Suse 11.2 on a USB 1.0GB mem stick. Some guy had written it worked out of the box on his Acer Netbook and I have such too so I thought Great I just do it.

Little did I knew. Some thing must be different at his gears. He got every thing working. Here nothing worked it even didn't want to boot.

Then feeling very let down I read about Android on Acer and thought Wow have to test.

that one worked much better. It barked two times during boot but survived and actually worked sort of but could not make use of the wired nor the wireless or do NTFS but apart from that it looked great.

Some months from now they most likely will succeed.

I tried to do Jolicloud. them saying it was so easy. Typically of me I failed to get it working.

I also tried EasyPeasy from PendriveLinux and that one the wifi worked but not the wired. Reason my Acer D250 has a Broadcom Lan and they are known to be difficult. They have no released the code for it. I wish us consumers was so strong we could demand that hardware companies had to provide such to the buyers.

Linux Mint 8.0 is still the one that works best here.

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I've wanted a t-shirt that says "I carry my OS in my pocket". If I need to borrow a computer, I ask if I can reboot it into Linux.

I have a MicroSD-to-USB keychain fob, and in it now there's an Ubuntu Jaunty live CD, but I've thought about carrying a bunch of different MicroSD cards around with different distros on them (there's one optimized, for instance, for resetting the admin password on a Windows box and that's it.) I could keep user space on a second USB stick if I wanted to, or use an online fileshare system.

By the way, the method I intend to use for carrying those tiny cards around is one of those "Penny Passport" folios that they sell to rolled-penny collectors. (Silly? I thought that was a cool idea. :-) )
Live OSes on a memory stick is one of the greatest developments - I really love being able to test without using up disks or installing. One night I tested almost 40 distros on my netbook; great fun!
Your the champion. It took me from mid of November to now to test 40 distros. I have an Acer netbook D250 and not many of them could take the hardware. Broadcom and Atheros.

I tried to take everyone on the Distrowatch list and only some 5 distros on that list lived up to my demands. To work out of the box instead of needing special knowledge to install things. My neighbor are 80 years old and cannot english and don't know computers either so the linux he wants to use should just work.

I gave him two DVD one with Puppeee 4.3.1 and one with Linux Mint and he likes them very much. Everything just works. Only the old Canon printer we have to look for drivers for linux. I let his grandson do that for him. Now he can look at Jazz at Youtube and listen to News on the local TV station and tend to his old collection of pictures of big sailing ships and relatives and tourist scenery he gathered over the years and read about MotorHomes to dream of buying and going travel the whole year around to exotic places.

he had windows but they where not payed for so Ms locked his computer. Linux to rescue.


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