This is mt fledgling collection so far.

.40 Glock 27
9mm Beretta 92FS
.22 Ruger Single Six
.22 Browning Long Rifle
Marlin 35

I don't get to go shooting as much as I like, but I sure like collecting and having them around. I'd like to get either a shotgun or a larger caliber revolver next, but I took my wife shooting once and now she wants to get the next gun. Should I be worried?

Anyway, I'm curious as to what all you other heathens have to fend off the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Trot them out!

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Reggie:  After my dad died I added another 12 to the collection, and my brother, who got many more, for the first time in his life uttered the phrase "I have too many guns!"
I currently own a Beretta 92fs, which I use for carry (openly), a Mossberg 500 Persuader, a Finnish Mauser Kar98, a Russian Mousin, a Savage 12 ga, pump, and a Winchester .22 bolt action(family pass down from about 1920), and lastly I have a partially completed AR-15 build I'm working on. Not much but they're all mine and no one can ever take them from me.


"Not much but they're all mine and no one can ever take them from me."


Does that mean they're unregistered?   :^ )


Glock 9

Glock Carbonfiber 40

Glock 45

RRR AR 556

Browning 12 ga over under

Israeli Arms Desert Eagle .50 (recently destroyed by the cops)

Tauras 45

Ruger 40

I would like to list my weaponry but since unregistered firearms is considered a no-no I don't want to provide evidence for government eyes.

I can say that I have a Marlin 22 scoped squirrel rifle though. Love them tree rats.  :^ )




Don't get her a small handgun just because it seems made for a woman.  Those small guns are actually more difficult to shoot accurately.

mossberg 12 ga home defender

s&w mp15 moe mid AR15 .223/5.56

Glock 10


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