This is mt fledgling collection so far.

.40 Glock 27
9mm Beretta 92FS
.22 Ruger Single Six
.22 Browning Long Rifle
Marlin 35

I don't get to go shooting as much as I like, but I sure like collecting and having them around. I'd like to get either a shotgun or a larger caliber revolver next, but I took my wife shooting once and now she wants to get the next gun. Should I be worried?

Anyway, I'm curious as to what all you other heathens have to fend off the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Trot them out!

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Garand in 308, Carbon 15 in 223, Handi Rifle in 30-06, Stevens 12 pump, Stevens 22 auto rifle, Ross Rifle in 303, Marlin Camp carbine in 9mm, Marlin 22 single bolt action, Remington 22 auto rifle, savage single 12 gauge, Stevens single 12 gauge, savage 12 pump, two Steven's 410 singles, NAA 22mag mini revolver, phoenix arms 22 auto, Beretta 22 bobcat, Glock 17 (my regular carry), 1917 nickle plated Luger with antler grips (my carry for formal occasions). Compared to my brother and my dad, I am grossly under armed. And, of course now the feds know what I've got.
I feel so unarmed!
You feel unarmed?
Sadly, all I have at the moment is a bolt-action .22 rifle. Savage Arms' Mark II that is.
I'm planning on getting an M6 Scout Rifle soon though....
Only in comparison to Doug's cache of weaponry.
I hear knives are quite popular in the U.K. ;)
Oooh.....pretty! I think I just decided on a shotgun as being my next gun purchase.
Oh, if forgot the RWS Diana 4.5mm, air gun. I won't even count the other 12 airguns.
As for the larger caliber revolver, as Col. Cooper so succinctly put it: a 22 in the eye is just as deadly as a 45 in the chest!
oops, forgot the M1 carbine!
Well, the garand was bought from a gun dealer, I think it was a Korean war relic since it's 308, the M1 is universal, not surplus.
Taurus makes a revolver called the Judge. It shoots both .410 and .45 colt. I would opt (again) for the 3" chambering. The russians make a shotgun called the Saiga, it comes in a variety to please all. Folks are making all kinds of things for it. I have a 20 round drum for my 12 gauge.

Sadly, my love of firearms is mostly in theory as I'm too poor to buy all the stuff I want.  At the moment, I'm limited to one old double-barrel 12ga shotgun I inherited.


Now, in a few years when the money improves, I have a list.  SPAS-12 semi-auto shotgun, Sig P220 .45, Sig P226 9mm (with the .22 conversion as well), Sig 556, AR-15 and AK-47 (semi-auto versions, of course).  It'll take some time and saving up, but what a fun little arsenal to have :)


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