Whats better for use in the home generally speaking. 9mm or .40Cal? I myself am more leaning toward a .40 but the 9mm is easier ammo to get and a bit cheaper too.

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Have I ever told you guys about my brother? My brother lives in a normal looking house, but no matter where my brother sits in that house, he is within arms reach of a firearm. He has secret panels, and hidden caches all over his house and in each is a gun, he has hundreds of guns! I started to wonder about him when he started doing this but I think it was the shower gun that convinced me he was over the top. Of course it's in stainless steel!
I've daydreamed about such a house. It is such a pain to carry my guns, knives, beer, snacks, and other necessities of life from room to room on a daily basis.

shotgun - nothing puts the fear of god (oops) in an intruder like the sound of a 12ga being cocked


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