Whats better for use in the home generally speaking. 9mm or .40Cal? I myself am more leaning toward a .40 but the 9mm is easier ammo to get and a bit cheaper too.

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The best home defense weapon is a dog.

I have both a .40 and a 9mm, but the .40 is my carry gun. You have better knock down power with the larger caliber. But the main reason I like my .40 is because it is easier to shoot compared to my 9mm Beretta as I am more familiar with it. In a tight situation, I won't have to fiddle with a safety since the .40 is a Gloc (the trigger is the safety). I have to think about it with the Beretta, which is no good in tactical situations.

If you want cheap ammo to go plinking, get a .22. If you want cheap ammo for home defense, then I'd have to ask how often do you shoot intruders? ;)
Peaceful suburbs of St. Louis! Well, mostly peaceful.

My advice would be to go for the larger caliber if it is for home defense. If you have children in the house, I would also look at getting a quick release safe for the gun.

But you are in Japan, so maybe a .22 would do just fine? Hehehe.
A Bassett Hound!!!!! Yikes! Well, you won't sleep through any part of that bark/howl.

Are you returning States side soon?
For home defense I would own the biggest gun that I could shoot well. that also holds enough rounds to give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Why only .9 or .40? Why not .45 or a Taurus Judge in .410? With that being said my house gun is a glock 23. It is what I shoot the most and have been to school with. It holds 14 rounds with one in the chamber.

Anyways a quick release safe and a light rail to add an optional light if so desired would be on my list of considerations.
How bout a 12 gauge pump? Cheaper than a pistol, less likelihood of over penetration and shooting your neighbor, more likely to hit target in a tense situation.
My initial suggestion that I erased and replaced with a dog.
Agreed! Maybe the sound of an ASP baton deploying? A cop friend used to say that they would deploy those out just to get a perp to stop running, He'd drop to the ground and beg for mercy. Usually, if he just kept running, he would have gotten away. So great is that fear, though.
Have I ever told you guys about my brother? My brother lives in a normal looking house, but no matter where my brother sits in that house, he is within arms reach of a firearm. He has secret panels, and hidden caches all over his house and in each is a gun, he has hundreds of guns! I started to wonder about him when he started doing this but I think it was the shower gun that convinced me he was over the top. Of course it's in stainless steel!
I've daydreamed about such a house. It is such a pain to carry my guns, knives, beer, snacks, and other necessities of life from room to room on a daily basis.

shotgun - nothing puts the fear of god (oops) in an intruder like the sound of a 12ga being cocked


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