I live in the Bible Belt (Arkansas), finding an atheist is extremely rare - atleast around those that surround me. Everytime some one finds out I'm lesbian they spit out "You are just confused" because according to them I will meet a nice man that will show me I was just afraid. It's been 4 years since I came out of the closet, and I do not want to meet this man (tht I'm sure doesnt exist).


My ex gf comes from an extremely concervative family, they are Pentecostal. It's strange to find a gay Pentecostal, although she conciders herself "straight", and even when we were together she would ask me if I ever thought I was just "confused". Ofcourse I'm not confused, I love women.

I still don't see how her family didn't notice we were together for 10 months. Those 10 months, I had to keep my mouth shut, even when they would go off on how sinful and disgusting it is to be homosexual. I had to keep my mouth shut, even when her mother would sit me down and preach at me for hours about how Jesus would save my life if I just allowed him in my heart.


I don't know what kind of sickness these people have, to jump and scream and throw fits as they receive the holy spirit. I'm not confused, I know imaginary ghost cant enter my body and make me react like a lunatic.

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Me too :)
I feel like I went out of the closet just to go back in when I entered tht relationship. But now, as I let it go...I feel this freedom fillin me from the inside out :)
i feel your pain i live in Arkansas along with u bit i live in the town right next to Zinc (for those who do not know Zinc is the HQ of the KKK) i am bisexual and nearly everyone i date has very religious parents and when i date another male they usually don't know that there son is either gay or bi and he is dating me,  but as long as this site is up and i have my friends and relationships backing me up i will stay out of the depression that has been haunting me for years   so D.M be proud of who you r  and always think of yourself as higher than the homophobic ignorant Christians.
i feel you, i'm from south carolina. i told my mother that i was an atheist and she told me that i was a just a misguided young man; in the end you just gotta ignore the bible huggers and live how you like

lol.  Ya ain't from round hea are ya?

lol.  Ya ain't from round hear are ya?


@ Kairan - LOL. So true. I wonder what it is that makes people shake their bodies and arms and hands as if some kind of spiritual lightening bolt is shooting through them. I bet it is some kind of traditional behavior that is imitated to express spiritual emotions. I wonder who started it?

When I came out as bisexual to my parents, my dad told me I didn't know what I was talking about...not until I slept around with both sexes.  It pissed me off then but now I laugh because when else does your parent practically tell you to go sleep around!?  lol

I was part of a pentecostal church for about 15 years of my life (I was literally 15 when I left the church, I'm not old!) and damn did I see some crazy things. Things that I used to believe were legitimate happenings. I used to watch my aunt and uncle (both pastors) speak in tongues and stomp on the floor while praying with a hand on my head. It would scare the shit out of me, but I believed it. I believed everything those people said to me. One time my pastor, knowing that I'm an epileptic, suggested I stopped reading Harry Potter books because reading them put a demon in me and that's what epilepsy is....a demon -_-

Thanks I'll definately give it a read sometime.:)


Confusion is the feeling I had the first time my Mom explained to me about Jesus, not the first time I kissed a girl.


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