I live in the Bible Belt (Arkansas), finding an atheist is extremely rare - atleast around those that surround me. Everytime some one finds out I'm lesbian they spit out "You are just confused" because according to them I will meet a nice man that will show me I was just afraid. It's been 4 years since I came out of the closet, and I do not want to meet this man (tht I'm sure doesnt exist).


My ex gf comes from an extremely concervative family, they are Pentecostal. It's strange to find a gay Pentecostal, although she conciders herself "straight", and even when we were together she would ask me if I ever thought I was just "confused". Ofcourse I'm not confused, I love women.

I still don't see how her family didn't notice we were together for 10 months. Those 10 months, I had to keep my mouth shut, even when they would go off on how sinful and disgusting it is to be homosexual. I had to keep my mouth shut, even when her mother would sit me down and preach at me for hours about how Jesus would save my life if I just allowed him in my heart.


I don't know what kind of sickness these people have, to jump and scream and throw fits as they receive the holy spirit. I'm not confused, I know imaginary ghost cant enter my body and make me react like a lunatic.

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Me too :)
I feel like I went out of the closet just to go back in when I entered tht relationship. But now, as I let it go...I feel this freedom fillin me from the inside out :)
i feel your pain i live in Arkansas along with u bit i live in the town right next to Zinc (for those who do not know Zinc is the HQ of the KKK) i am bisexual and nearly everyone i date has very religious parents and when i date another male they usually don't know that there son is either gay or bi and he is dating me,  but as long as this site is up and i have my friends and relationships backing me up i will stay out of the depression that has been haunting me for years   so D.M be proud of who you r  and always think of yourself as higher than the homophobic ignorant Christians.
i feel you, i'm from south carolina. i told my mother that i was an atheist and she told me that i was a just a misguided young man; in the end you just gotta ignore the bible huggers and live how you like

lol.  Ya ain't from round hea are ya?

lol.  Ya ain't from round hear are ya?


@ Kairan - LOL. So true. I wonder what it is that makes people shake their bodies and arms and hands as if some kind of spiritual lightening bolt is shooting through them. I bet it is some kind of traditional behavior that is imitated to express spiritual emotions. I wonder who started it?

I don't know how it is in other Pentacostal churches, but I was a part of one for about 2 years, and there was speaking in tongues, shouting, "channeling the holy spirit"...I've heard stories about other churches who had members jump from the balcony or run around the sanctuary because the were "filled with the holy spirit".


I say mass hysteria. Seeing a "tamer church" first hand was enough.

I despise it when people try to tell a homo/bi-sexual person that they are just "confused." Who the fuck do they think they are, to claim to know more about someone else's sexuality than they do?

When I came out as bisexual to my parents, my dad told me I didn't know what I was talking about...not until I slept around with both sexes.  It pissed me off then but now I laugh because when else does your parent practically tell you to go sleep around!?  lol

I was part of a pentecostal church for about 15 years of my life (I was literally 15 when I left the church, I'm not old!) and damn did I see some crazy things. Things that I used to believe were legitimate happenings. I used to watch my aunt and uncle (both pastors) speak in tongues and stomp on the floor while praying with a hand on my head. It would scare the shit out of me, but I believed it. I believed everything those people said to me. One time my pastor, knowing that I'm an epileptic, suggested I stopped reading Harry Potter books because reading them put a demon in me and that's what epilepsy is....a demon -_-

Thanks I'll definately give it a read sometime.:)


Confusion is the feeling I had the first time my Mom explained to me about Jesus, not the first time I kissed a girl.


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