IDK... I found this on the internet a while back and at first I just thought that it was hillarious [it still is]. But today, upon taking a closer look... I noticed that the protester listed "homosexuals" and "lesbians" as different categories that were "going to hell." What is the meaning of that?! Does this person think that lesbians ARE NOT homosexuals? Because if that's the case, then that is ABSURD!! [BTW... for anyone wondering, I'm not a lesbian... I'm bi]. But still... struck by the absurdity of putting "lesbians" and "homosexuals" in different categories... and wondering WHY the person would have done that... I wrote this:

Interesting... I notice how the person has separated "homosexuals" and "lesbians." Are they unaware that lesbians ARE homosexuals? Or do they just deny that a woman that isn't interested in men could possibly be JUST THAT... not interested in men? - When I listen to homophobic talk about lesbians... it's like the homophobe cannot consider the possibility that a woman could be uninterested in sexual relationships with men for any other reason than "she hates men?" WTH is up with that anyway? I know a couple lesbians and they definitely DON'T hate men. This protester has [implicitly] denied that lesbians are REALLY homosexuals... which reveals that he/she [can't see person holding sign] is also a sexist in disguise.


Oh Yeah... BTW... this is the picture I was referring to...

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You're right that they only listed 1 violent crime... how did I not notice that? O.o And of the things listed... only 5 [out of 22] are technically illegal... and only 1 is a violent crime. What IS up with that? O.o
The only TRULY illegal activities mentioned [with a lot of it being controversial as to whether it SHOULD be illegal, and at least one [pot smoking] as rather dubious] are: "Thieves" [okay so that can be violent... but not always], "prostitutes", "whoremongerers" [most commonly known as "pimps"], "pot smokers" [lol... ppl follow that law like they follow the law [in my state] not to set off fireworks at home - never fails that I have 10 or more people in my neighborhood setting off home fireworks on the fourth of july every year], and "child molesters" - one of the only TRUE evils mentioned on that poster!


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