I just read "More than often, gay activists have argued that homosexuality is innate, just like eating, breathing, etc., and that therefore homosexuals desire equal treatment as a minority group.

None the less, even if we are to disregard God’s good intentions in creating the institution of marriage, most of the literature points to the fact that homosexuality is a behaviour, a habit learnt just like bestiality, pedophilia, smoking, or theft.

Moreover, this is reinforced by the absence on earth of any conclusive empirical study that points to homosexual immutability."http://www.observer.ug/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7235:we-have-no-apologies-for-ugandas-anti-gay-stance&catid=37:guest-writers&Itemid=66


The essence of this quote and the legislation that it supports represents the ignorance that challenges my very existence and the existence of other like me.

What are we to do?

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There are so many things wrong with this article. And they aren't even anything new. They're the same crap these people have been spewing for years now. You'd think eventually even they would get tired of hearing the same points over and over again.

Firstly, God didn't create the institution of marriage. The state and the government created that. If we are to assume that by God, this guy means the God of the Bible, then marriage, in God's eyes, is really nothing more than just a bartering system. An elder of a tribe would exchange one of his many daughter in exchange for land, or protection, whatever he needed. There was no courtship, no love, no choice of any kind. The father got some new allies, the son got a bride, and the daughter got the shaft. Literally.

Also, I'm not trying to sound like I'm trying to equate these with homosexuality, but neither bestiality nor pedophilia are 'learned habits'. They are, essentially, fetishes. No different than someone who's into BDSM or whatever. The biggest reason we are against them, is because they are both highly unsafe, and they both typically involve involuntary participants. We say that these things are wrong for the sake of the animals and the children.
However, obviously, homosexuality is nothing like this. For one, it's not just a fetish. It's has been observed in nature in a broad range of animals, and has shown to be beneficial at times. (Example, if you have a pack of wolves, and only the Alphas are mating, it beneficial for the pack if a few of those wolves are gay, and thus less likely to produce unwanted pups).

There are more examples, and I could go on, but I feel like I've talked your ear off (so to speak).

So, I'll just say, stay strong, and try to stay associated with like-minded people. It helps if you can have someone there with you laughing along at these buffoons.


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