Two people,who I'm sort of friends with,and I had a conversation yesterday.The first person who I'll call E doesn't seem to be that homophobic but the other person who I'll call G seems to be (at least) a bit homophobic.I can't remember what started the conversation or the exact comments so I'll do a summary.


G was saying lesbians were weird but men liking men was fine.

E sort of agreed but she usually defends gay people.

I thought that G and E were homophobic but on different levels.I wish I asked them about bisexual people.

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Are G and E girls? Because sometimes people are uncomftorable about gay people of their own gender, but are okay about it when its the opposite gender. Don't ask me why, I have no idea, but its something I've noticed about some of my friends.
An excellent observation. I can watch women get freaky with each other until the cows come home. But guy on guy action? I am a little put off by it.
Yeah,they're both girls.But they both know one of my sisters is a lesbian and whenever somebody is talking bad about lesbians E defends lesbians.
I'm a girl, and I find men on men a bit abstract. Maybe because I'm lesbian. I don't have a problem with them at all, and I certainly don't descriminate them (tht would be absurd) Some how I just pretend that all they do is hold hands and kiss, because the sex part seems uncomfortable. I was talking to a friend about it, and she believes that being lesbian is understandable because sex between two women is gentle, but says it's strange that gay men could find any satisfaction in their sexual encounters - because in her opinion men only "play" rough.
I get what D. M. said but I'm the opposite. Two guys together, hot. Two girls together, I have no problem with it but I just don't really think about them doing anything. I had a conversation with my friends kind of like this a while back. There was me and one other straight girl who agreed with me, two guys who felt the opposite and one bi girl who liked both. I think it definitely has something to do with gender and orientation. Of course I'm not against either.

It's possible that G was not being homophobic (lesbophobic?) but was perhaps, badly, expressing her own visceral reaction. She can't help not being into women, and it sounds like she is intellectually perfectly accepting, but has an emotional reaction, if that makes sense.


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