I've heard this said often.

I've also heard it said that women are unforgiving and uncompromising. Do you think that's true?

Personally, I think the world would be a better place with women in charge. I think women should have taken charge from the get go. I think our strong moral sense (granted not present in all humans or women but I find more present in women than men) and empathy (yes, not always present either, yet more in women it seems) would lead to a strong structure but less laws overall.

Maybe that's just me. I like to put a framework in place with rules that are enforced every time but these rules are just to keep folks from harming others or property. The rest is wide open for individual freedom and creativity.

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Absolutely. I believe that also Daniel.

Men are ok.............once they have been neutered of course.  :)

No. It would not. It would be hell. Even though there are so many horrible sexist things that shit me to tears, and the fact that even the most intelligent man will never understand how much women are victimised...

But a world ruled solely by women? No way. It would be one massive bitch fest - I just have to look at my workplace and it's a rare thing to find another woman that is not interested in mundane bs like which celebrity did who, and what hairstyle, and how their baby pooed so cutely.... I think I would go insane.

Particularly NOW, with Generation iUseless. It's like they behave like a caricature of a drag queen, all you hear (loudly, and rudely) is ME ME ME ME.... and I got this and I got that.... all the while madly tapping on their iShyte whilst talking (???) to you.... They don't know how to do the traditional female work, which is now beneath them, yet they don't know how to do anything else either, they have a self-entitlement as to what they think they deserve, and yet believe they need to do nothing to reap those rewards. Can you imagine something like this leading the planet?

Also, as someone who is going through menopause, I can tell you that FINALLY I get those glimpses of what it is like to not be ruled by the indecision of emotion - and to realise just how much it DOES play a factor - and yes I know, there will be women jumping up and down on the spot saying "not true, not true"... but it is.

No, A perfect world would have a BALANCE, women and men, not like now where its still very male dominated, or a future that is the reverse. We each have qualities that compliment the other.

I'm all for balance as an ideal.

If I have to chose between mostly women or mostly men running things though I'd pick women. You know what would be even better? Women leading that come from a women lead society instead of our male lead one. Yes! I like that idea!

And btw, I'm in menopause too. LOL

Also keep in mind. The problems with the women in your office are the problems of women raised and really generations of women raised in a patriarch society. Just imagine if they had been raised in a nurturing needs based community first type of society.

There's only one way to find out for sure, and that's possible only after equality. At least keep pushing in that direction, and note the outcomes.

"Not a shred of evidence supports the existence of matriarchy anywhere in the world at any time"—Camille Paglia

Elsewhere—though I'm having trouble finding it online, so it may be from a speech she gave here locally—she expanded on that thought and said something like "If matriarchy were a viable form, we'd have successful matriarchal societies and not just some island or tribe here and there. Something that works survives and prospers and expands its borders." By the last part, I take her to mean that the IDEA expands its borders, not that the society conquers its neighbors.

I have always speculated that if some society, such as some Oceanic island, is matriarchal, it's because the men would rather fish and hunt and swing in hammocks than govern than run the everyday business of the island and so the delegate those responsibilities, simply leaving the impression that it's a matriarchal society. The men could take their power back quickly if ever it became necessary.

Yes, we need to breed and populate the world with billions of Pastafarians. Pizza be upon you, Ramen.


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