I don't know much about this topic so I'm going to ask it out loud. WHY do we have to wear bras? No, really. Is it just for show or is there some compelling reason why we must? Sometimes I find that I'm much more comfortable without one. I always tend to take mine off after I get home from work and I've tried all the brands to find the "best fit" and I always end up going to some high end seamstress that makes them custom because the store bought options are NOT comfortable IMO.

For any of you ladies who may live in a country where it's NOT necessary to wear a bra I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and insights.

Am I alone in feeling like it's yet another cultural ball and chain we have to lug around with us?

Anyone really really LIKE wearing bras?

MEN: You are welcome to participate in this discussion, all I ask is that you have some class. Thanks!

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Because it gives my Man-Boobs the lift and separation they require --

Methinks it is time to see some evidence that can be peered mean peer reviewed.!!

For those of you skeptics here's some evidence that it's possible to defy gravity.

Just got this from Suzzane Olsen-Hyde - since we were discussing boobies, it didn't seem like TOO much of a thread hijack --

I LOVE the juxtaposition.

Me too - "This inspirational message brought to you by Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow!"

Yes, any time the forces of "satan" can use boobs to over- (or in this case under-) shadow a bit of theist drivel, it's a win for the true forces of good.

It's certainly an uplifting one.

"Lifting up Jesus..."

Yes, like religion (IMO) esp with smaller ones, why bother? I for one are not going to be impressed one way or the other. I have a feeling that this is rooted in religious modesty and not a real physical problem for support. But since I'm not in a position to know first hand how necessary it is and have to rely on second hand knowledge, I don't know. Perhaps it's one of those things women use to increase their sex appeal, & that "oh, I'm a woman!". As for me, I wouldn't care one way or the other if they wear it.

I have a feeling that this is rooted in religious modesty

+1. Women have to cover their breasts with as much as possible for the same reason women in other parts of the world have to cover their faces. Sure there are the physical supporting benefits people mentioned, but other than that it's the same religious shit. Though for a change I'm ok with it. I wouldn't want guys walking around with no undies either, really.

OK why to wear a bra. I'm forty . this said if not for bras i would need a wheelbarrow. i can get away with out one once in awhile because i built up muscles so they are still perky. this alone is a accomplishment due to i'm the woman that has to go to specialty shop.because of being overly blessed. The bra keeps me from seriously hurting. they also help keep a nice smooth shape under clothing. 

A combination of age, with gravitational implications, and of course centrifugal force... Without a bra on, if I were to turn around suddenly, it might be a while before I stopped spinning.


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