I don't know much about this topic so I'm going to ask it out loud. WHY do we have to wear bras? No, really. Is it just for show or is there some compelling reason why we must? Sometimes I find that I'm much more comfortable without one. I always tend to take mine off after I get home from work and I've tried all the brands to find the "best fit" and I always end up going to some high end seamstress that makes them custom because the store bought options are NOT comfortable IMO.

For any of you ladies who may live in a country where it's NOT necessary to wear a bra I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and insights.

Am I alone in feeling like it's yet another cultural ball and chain we have to lug around with us?

Anyone really really LIKE wearing bras?

MEN: You are welcome to participate in this discussion, all I ask is that you have some class. Thanks!

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I'm really more interested in the people who don't wear underpants.

I'm a feminist, being supportive of gender equality, but I don't have an opinion about bras...wear them if you want or don't if you prefer. Not a hot-button issue for me.

Sometimes I wonder if wearing a bra leads to a disappointing moment when undressing with your partner...false advertising and all. :)

Never has for me, and I would be the defrauded one if defrauding takes place.

No more so than when he drops his drawers and the Alka-Seltzer bottle falls out --

Sometimes I wonder if wearing a bra leads to a disappointing moment when undressing with your partner.

I can honestly say this has never been an issue, nor can I imagine it being an issue in the future.

I don't really consider myself to be a feminist nor do I care about rallying such efforts

We sort of got that from the other thread where you made clear you don't want equal rights.

Because it gives my Man-Boobs the lift and separation they require --

Methinks it is time to see some evidence that can be peered mean peer reviewed.!!

Just got this from Suzzane Olsen-Hyde - since we were discussing boobies, it didn't seem like TOO much of a thread hijack --

I LOVE the juxtaposition.

Me too - "This inspirational message brought to you by Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow!"

Yes, any time the forces of "satan" can use boobs to over- (or in this case under-) shadow a bit of theist drivel, it's a win for the true forces of good.


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