I was one of the first few members, and it's nice to see the group blossom, but I was under the impression that this was a woman's group.
Was I mistaken?

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I got an invite. I thought maybe it was a mistake; but when I looked at the current members and saw a bunch of other guys, figured when in Rome...
I have no problem resigning. I think it ought to be a group for the ladies.
Pretty much the same story here, I got an invite, and I saw there was a buncha guys in it too... so *shrugs*.. wouldn't have a problem leaving either..
I will gladly leave when other guys start leaving.
It's not my group! I'm sure not asking anyone to leave. I was just wondering, in all honesty.
My bad, I was invited...please accept my apologies and tolerate my presence.

Atheist Women Rule!!!
ah you will have to refer to Morgan on this issue, he sent the invite to the entire site, so people joined out of interest..
I made the group because of the suggestion on the podcast, to give people a chance to discuss issues with women and atheism.. i initially invited just the gals I knew, but that was like 4 people, so I think Morgan thought he would spread the word.
I don't mind that there are guys in here, just as long as the topics stay related to Women and Atheism..
sorry it took so long to reply by the way, I haven't checked my email very precisely cause I get so many damn emails all the time :@
atheists are equal opportunity and open minded people , I'd like to think that splitting the sexes apart would only bring misunderstandings and resentment , YES you are mistaken if you want to be in a woman's group i don't think your in the right place , and I also got an invite, and why would you want a woman's only group anyways are you not comfortable with men around you , do you think there are things guys shouldn't ear from or about the ladies , just wondering .

"YES you are mistaken if you want to be in a woman's group i don't think your in the right place"
-Um.. see the title of the group? How about the description line of 'Because we're hot and you're not'
I'm sure you can find out about all the 'secrets of womanhood' on the internet with much better pictures if you looked really hard. Don't worry, no one was implying that this was a secret clubhouse for girls only, with a big "NO BOYS ALLOWED" sign hanging on the door. I was doing what most atheists do... I was asking questions! The name and tag lines implied that it was a group for ladies. The first few weeks, only girls had joined. Over the course of a few days, that wasn't the case anymore.
It's not my group.
I'm not shy.
Even if it was my group and I was shy, I wouldn't ask anyone to leave. My question was "what's going on" and nothing more. I personally don't care one way or another, and I'll post the same answers and same questions whether men are in here or not.
It was a question, not an implication.
Now since you do seem to want my opinion, it goes something like this:
I have mixed feelings about a woman's group allowing men to post or view.
One one hand, it might be a benefit to everyone and educational for both males and females.
On the other hand, I know some women might not be as willing to post, especially about biological things if there are guys hanging out.
Obviously I'm not one of those people, however I do try to empathize and see arguments from both sides.
If you look above, you'll see that the group creator, M has cleared up any confusion. This is a group to discuss issues pertaining to women in atheism, therefor, the discussions are woman centric, not the members.
Thank you, M for clearing that up.

To continue, Mike, since you posted after M did, I can only wonder about your intentions. Here is my question to you:

"I'd like to think that splitting the sexes apart would only bring misunderstandings and resentment YES you are mistaken if you want to be in a woman's group i don't think your in the right place"

Obviously you are against there being a woman's group..
Then why did you join?
Why are YOU here?
I liked the photo...sexy
Hey hey, ho ho, this penis party's got to go!
It's ok.. I'm willing to bet my metaphysical penis is one of the larger ones we've got hanging around!


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