Gray Hair

Maybe this topic a bit strange, but interesting anyway.

Do you like gray hair at an early age?  :-)

me, I don't like it :) how can we avoid gray hair?

What causes gray hair in young age?

I have gray hair since I was a teenager...

Now I'm 29 and my gray hair began to increase...

I like coloring my hair from time to time,

Is it possible that coloring increase the number of gray hair?

or it's a genetic factor?

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I read the article, it was interesting! and you know somthing I begun to like gray hair now!

 > the mystery of gray hair has inspired scientists to study it..

They found that stem cells are responsible for this…

If they continue to studying this matter they may find the solution for skin cancer.

And this might lead to treatments for melanoma, a skin cancer that can be fatal.

also, after reading about Vitiligo in this article...I'm glad that I dont have it...


Hmmmm...well, let's see...I'm a bit out of the ordinary I guess, cause I didnt get my first gray hair until I was 49!..I'm now 50. I'm also a blonde, but have colored my hair many different colors, along with perming, stripping, straighening, etc....over processed?...u bet! I believe, contrary to popular belief, that gray hair is NOT always related to the aging process. Everyone has different "pigment" in our hair, which leads to it turning color. I think, initially, hair is white..for everyone, then our cells blend with Melanin which gives our hair it's color.
I used to hate gray hair; equating it with age, but I've seen some beautiful shades of gray hair on women, that make them look stunning.
In the end, I think heredity plays a big part in the color factor.

I still, to this day, color my hair..."lightening" it lately instead of coloring, which seems to work better and last longer. I do it myself as going to the salon cost a small fortune!

Gray blond hair would be very nice..

Just like this beautiful woman..

So, gray hair is not that bad for blonds.

Pretty shade!
One cause of premature graying is thyroid problems.

Yeah, maybe why not..I've heard of this too.

Or perhaps that's because thyroid problems lead to hormones imbalance which is linked to early aging..

It's all in the genes - mother started to go grey at age 60, father at age seventy - I am now 64 and just starting to go grey. Was married to a bloke who started to go grey at seventeen - same thing, his parents went grey early. My children have all started to go grey in their early thirties - just didn't take after me, but after their frigging father - them's the breaks.

As a personal statement, I like every grey hair and wrinkle on my body.  I have earned every one of them.  I do not color my hair or otherwise attempt to look younger than I am.  I like me just the way I am.  Wrinkles, grey hair, cellulite, saggy abdomen and all.


Aww! this is lovely :)


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