Just a thread to see if there are any other LGBTQ free thinking women on here! My soon to be former partner's theism has ripped us apart. There is nothing I'd love more than connect with other lady lovin' ladies who are non theists.

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Goedenavond, Good luck in your search for "lovin ladies", not too sure what you mean there -  my English I suspect. Hope you enjoy TA it is an interesting forum.


Judith vd R

Thanks! And I  mean other lesbians who are also atheists.

I am a lady lovin' Atheist! I am sorry to hear about you and your partner. My partner is a pantheist/agnostic but she is a scientist so my being an Atheist has never been an issue.

Thanks. The situation is long over now LOL, I am over it, and it was for the best. We were friends for awhile but have since drifted apart. I have dated around since then, but theism is now a dealbreaker, so it is harder to find a partner.

Thanks so much! Your support means the world. :) I am definitely enjoying the place.

Hey, I'm a lesbian as well. Sorry about your partner. I had a girlfriend who was Catholic, except she told me she was an atheist. Her guilt over her sexuality really tore us apart.

I was raised Catholic. It took my mother years to finally cope with my homosexuality and accept my partner. She actually really likes my partner  but cannot even murmur the words gay, lesbian or even partner. She raised me on her own and so of course I feel tremendous guilt for turning out the total opposite of what she had hoped. An atheist lesbian without a college degree.  I am a very proud atheist, lesbian and hair stylist/artist. I find my guilt leading to more guilt. In order to avoid making conversations with my mother uncomfortable I avoid certain words like lesbian, wife, atheist and even our ceremony.  I invited no one since I could not invite her. Which leads me to feel guilt about not being true to myself, not to mention not allowing my wife to invite her friends or family to our special day (which was perfect and we wouldn't change a thing). Anyways, Catholic gulit is a bitch! Pardon my rant.

I know the feeling. If/when I find my queer lady atheist counterpart, I have no idea what to do about the wedding and all of that. I was raised Southern Baptist in SC...sooo....yeah.

I'm not a woman, but I gotta say that why a gay person of either sex would be a theist despite all the gay-hate from religion is totally beyond my comprehension.

Same reason there are black cops.

Seriousness aside. Wouldn't it be awesome if all the gays accepted religion and made it their own? That would be a much funnier way of handling the situation. Just assimilate a religion as the religion of the gays! They'll turn a muslim neighborhood into a gay pride parade, handing out rainbow colored Qur'ans (call it the Queer'an). The imams of a mosque will walk into the bathrooms and always find new gloryholes drilled in all of the stalls. There's phone numbers and dicks painted all over the walls above Allah's name. The floors are sticky. At every prayer when the men bend forward a silent, childish, yet unsettling giggling will be echoing the hall, as some members will feel something poking them from behind, he'll check to see what's going on and notice someone came on his back while he was saying his prayer. Men will show up there with leader pants that are missing the crotch part so their hairy asses will be hanging out and for all to see when they bend over and pray. People will hang up life-size cutout edited pictures of Muhammad on a muscular oily body flexing, and there's a big purple dildo glued on right where the dick's supposed to be.

And then you move on to the christians and bukkake Jesus on the cross.

And you were surprised we missed you --

Isn't the Catholic church gay already?


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