Atheist ladies? What's your opinion on it?

How many of you ARE married? Were you married before your deconversion?
If not, was it a civil ceremony? Religious for the sake of your family, your spouse or social programming? How do you feel about it now?

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I am married and I was married in a church for my wife I did not say the word god speech and my wife was ok with it her mother on the other hand got pissed she hates me but I told her I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire she kept telling everyone at the wedding I was a atheist and that I was going to burn so I had to tell her to shut the fuck up if you want to be brain washed go right ahead but I'll pass on a fake ass deity my hands are starting to hurt so I'm going to stop now this is what I mean DON'T GET MARRIED LOL
I'm not married and I don't think I ever will be. I don't really see the point. You just never know what's going to happen down the road.

Was marriage begun as a religious ceremony or was it due to land, bloodlines, familial arrangements and such? I thought religion was added in later, kind of like the Pledge of Allegiance.

The only reason I would want a wedding would be for the actual wedding day. Doesn't that sound like fun? I get to dress up in a gorgeous gown, have my hair, face, nails, etc. done, and have a big old party all about ME (oh, and him too). I'd get to eat what I want, drink what I want, and do what I want all day and night. Oh yeah, and you get some great diamond jewelry. Why wouldn't every young girl/effeminate boy not want to get married? That's how they keep 'em coming back for more.
I hope it is ok for men to participate here. I hope to meet Atheist women of similar passions, politics and persuasions. First, I never converted, so to assume all deconvert here is almost as bad as not capitalizing Atheists and Atheism. I have been married twice and I had neither a religious nor a civil ceremony. Iowa is a common law state. I abhor the notion of a license to wed. Of course I fight for marriage equality, most necessary in the 37 states that to not have common law marriages recognized by courts and legal process. I did have a wedding in my second marriage. I'm not a serial patriarch, so my spouse and I decided to choose our own name for our marriage, she rejecting her birth father's last name and her sire to her first 3 children's last name. Thus I was born Larry Henry Carter and now add Center to complete my marriage history. I remain convinced that two people can be monogamous lovers for a lifetime. Yet that promise has yet to be fulfilled. Whether financial or simple appetite for lovemaking may be a barrier for a partner of mine, matters not. I feel the need to love and be loved. I view that as a marriage contract for promise and consideration.
I am legally married but we are not together and are planning on divorce. I was married when I was 16. We were both and still are Atheists. We were married in a small little chapel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With only my mother, step-father, and younger sister present. It was planned maybe a month before it happened. He and I were just ready to be "free". Funny, right? Anyway, when the pastor spoke the word "God" at our ceremony, I just rolled my eyes and smiled. It was actually quite a funny little wedding. I wore a black vinyl dress and stripped leggings with a black veil and he wore a black button up shirt with a mesh shirt under. I put his ring on the wrong finger and he knocked my veil off as he went to kiss me. It was not one of my finer choices in life happened. He and the whole situation taught me so much. So, I can't say that I whole heartedly regret it. Just on the days when he or the situation then and now pisses me off. :]
I was married once when I was 17. Divorced when I was 19. After my divorce, I knew I would never get married again. Now at 34 I still don't beleive you need a pieace of paper to show someone you love them. I think marriage is great, for some people. I am not one of those poeple. :D
Sometimes we compromise our ideals to keep loved ones happy.
There is no dishonor in that.
Kudos for you, actually.
You.. are amazing.
I'm really hung up on the fact that Colin and I broke down and got married just so he could get a freaking green card.
I really wanted to stand firm and not have a wedding until every U.S adult had that same right.
But I suck.
I can't support the three of us (we have a service dog in training) on my own.
So we did the paperwork, and now it's the fun fun process of INS interrogation for us.
His paperwork is in the mail.
I can't wait.
By the time we are done going through 'interviews' these people are going to ask if they can charge us for the couple's therapy I plan to use them as.
Show Biz.. as in.. Porn? Yes. I know.
The scary thing?
We are freaking professional divers.
I write about diving. Dive MEDICINE, actually.
I'd love to have some shred of credibility, so I use a pen name now. ~facepalm~
I married pre-heathenism. We went to The Hitching Post (that is really what it is called) where we were married for $50. It was religious, but the preacher was mostly lecturing my husband that he ought to treat me well. I was thoroughly entertained by this. I didn't want a big wedding. We'd like to a "do-over," probably on our tenth anniversary. Who knows what it will be like, though? Not religious, I can tell you that!


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