It's hard for me to find words to express the shock and disgust I feel; the horror, really. I cannot believe that anyone would rather let their wife, daughter, or sister DIE that perform an emergency abortion. How do they rationalize this?! How could anyone who knows a female, and cares about her, think this is a good idea? How do they not see that they are taking a life? They would rather a woman, who possibly has children already--family, friends, and a life--DIE than perform an abortion. So it's better for the child to be an orphan? To live a life in foster care? Oh, I forgot. These people don't care about children after they're born. It's just tough luck their mother died... or was murdered... in child labor.

This is the 21st Century! We have the technology to prevent death caused by child labor! What in the world is happening to our country? Who let these lunatics make decisions like this? I know I didn't! And YES I will vote for Obama! YES I will vote Democrat this election. They have certainly let me down--all of us--but it's only because they're pacifists, not blood-thirsty fundamentalists. I hope they grow a spine. Obama said he would veto this bill if it came to his desk. A man who will veto this insanity is enough... for now. He may be the dam holding back the floods of a truly horrific government. Maybe it's good the Republicans won the majority in Congress so they could showcase how HORRIBLE they are, but while their hands are still somewhat tied. Maybe this country will see that they cannot allow these people to get into power. Ever. Our lives are literally in danger. The Republicans really would leave us all to die.

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It's unlikely to pass, even before it gets to Obama. Looks to me like a political game played by some Representatives to get some kind of emotionalized attention.

Perhaps the miscreants who voted for it had mothers who told them they wish they had aborted them?



Well, this is one of my hot buttons. I do get emotional over this, so I guess they won if that was their goal. I have a feeling it was more about winning votes. They're trying to show their base they're serious about abortion, and about making sure sinners don't get away with sex before marriage... even if they die. Grrreat.

~deep breath~ ;)

Sure... and I didn't mean you in particular, but it's the same game they play to get the attention of the "moral" right, just like they did back during the Bush era to attract vehement anti-gay and anti-choice voters to the the ballot box.

This is frightening and disgusting. Just think if there were a Republican President in office right now...this could very well be passed with no threat of a veto. I seriously believe that we are getting to a point in this country where we women have to start a movement like Occupy Wall Street. Something HUGE, to change the direction of this country. We've been able to keep Christians somewhat at bay until recent years, and now they're gaining a foothold by shunning our Constitutional rights. This crap might not be so damn out of control now if our government had never allowed "In God We Trust" to be printed on our money, or made us to swear on a bible when testifying in court, or allowing "Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance. All of that was ILLEGAL and yet it was done and the Christians cling to it with a death grip. We've seen an alarming shift in the Supreme Court decisions lately that have Christianity written all over them. Truly, we are a seriously F-d up country and something's going to break if we keep heading in the direction we're going. I'm also sickened that a handful of Dems also voted for this bill. Don't forget their names, people. They need to be dumped on their asses come election time right along with their Republican friends.

Under the guise of "religion" they manage to get away with too much.  This country was not forged on religious rhetoric.  It was deliberately left out and yet like a virus, it creeps back in.  The backwards ass thinking of this is beyond measure.  Once upon a time I would have just laughed at something with this I am nauseated because the prospect it passing is too real.

It's scary as hell, Samantha. The last couple of days have been one shocking headline after another and I just don't know how much more I can take of this. It's times like this that I wish I were wealthy so I could afford to get out there and make some noise all over the country. This trend is really like living in some kind of cruel story we're not aware of.


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