“Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” 
~Betty White~

What does it mean to be a feminist? What does it mean to be equal? What does it mean to be genuine? How do we fight for equal rights? How do we view ourselves as women in a world that at times seems completely against us?

Men: How do you fight for your ladies and pursue alongside equal rights. Human rights?

What does it really mean to be a feminist?

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I enabled my wife and daughters to get into careers, which seems to be working out for them. I'll always wish I could have done more, because I think civilization would be a lot better off with more women in charge. And better off with more women than men. Most people seem to think that our top heavy patriarchy is a cultural problem, and I agree. But I think it's largely caused by excess testosterone.

Nobody's fault. Nature didn't predict or compensate for gender power shifts enabled by newly (and artificially) evolving social structures. Testosterone won out because aggression actually paid off, albeit only at first. Now we're stuck with too much aggression, and on a global scale.

But don't let me take this off topic. I'd like to see some conventional ideas here, too.

That's a very interesting point of view--that testosterone fueled aggression is a selected trait that no longer helps the species due to cultural advancement. I wonder if later humans would be less aggressive and more cooperative?

On an unrelated note, I like to share that women's testosterone and androgen increase during menstruation if a man (or a woman, if she's being overtly sexist) asks me if it's that time of the month. Kinda blows the sexism right up in front of their faces.

IMHO, being a feminist simply means standing for gender equality. There are a lot of ways to do that...some good and some bad.

I think to "be equal" means to have the same civil and human rights, as well as equal access to opportunities.  

I don't really "fight" for equal rights as much as I stick up for what's right. I hope to get people to think differently. There are a number of ways to change things and some people find themselves more given to activism.

I struggle to view myself as a woman. I think of myself as a human, as a person. I don't think that's healthy or right, but I'm trying to work through it. Ideally, I could identify with my gender without sacrificing a feeling of personhood. I read a great book about this, Female Chauvinist Pigs, which really highlights this problem among my generation.

I believe in affirmative action, so I'll give women and (beleaguered  minorities) more support, when I can, e.g. when considering who to hire.

There's probably a better phrase than affirmative action? What I'm describing can take place at a more personal, understated level, to compensate for the prejudice that has historically existed (and still exists) at personal and institutional levels (even if only subconsciously). Affirmative Opportunity?

Maybe "Empowerment" is the word?

Being a feminist just means that you believe the sexes should be equal.

If you want to destroy the patriarchy, you have to start from within. You have to remove the gender bias in your own brain as much as you can first. Some of that is in language - saying "police officer" instead of "policeman," for example. But it's much more than that. You have to recognize yourself that it's okay for men and women to express their gender in any way they want to. Being a man doesn't have to mean that you like sports and being a woman doesn't have to mean that you like shopping. It's okay if in a married relationship, the husband cooks and stays at home with the kids and the wife works.

I also get involved in pro-choice protesting. It really bothers me that women going in to get an abortion have to take so much crap from the right in an already impossible situation. The supposedly "pro-life" position is definitely anti-woman. Some pro-lifers would even prefer for a woman not to get an abortion if it means she will die without one! They're not respecting life. They're just trying to control women.

Ughhh I hate having to join groups just to answer a thread


Modern day feminists means not striving for equality, but rather a female dominated society. Feminists in the past used to strive for actual equality. But the modern day ones are all about how they can make men suffer. Their vision is to live in a society where for every 1 dollar a woman makes, the man should make 0.60 cents. So they can give men a taste of their own medicine and call it payback .

As a male I strive for true equal rights. If a man makes $1 doing a job, then the woman should make $1 for the same exact job. But if you can't do the job because of physical limitations, don't try to push for it and change the system. 

Have you ever been on tumblr? These feminazis are batshit crazy. One was talking about how they should put all men in castration camps (sounds familiar) ?

458,375 feminists hate this page.


Hey no problem.

I am not entirely sure how the culture has changed, but I believe once females started to get more and more equal in society, they still saw limitations to their equality, which still exists today. So I believe there was naturally a need for more of an aggressive approach to battling sexism. In those circumstances gave rise to a much more extremist front of the feminist party which we see now a lot of. 

I speak from my own experience in dealing with feminists. The ones I come up across have always seem very dissatisfied with just equality. It's like they want more even if it means sexism against men, which undoubtedly goes against the very philosophy, the feminist movement once started with. From what it sounded like to me, they seemed to be quite brainwashed into thinking, that the problems they face regarding inequality, are only the fault of men and until they get rid of this barrier (men), they will not achieve full equality. 

It's not accurate to describe feminists as a whole as being interested in making men suffer. These are not mainstream feminist values and I know of no feminist organization that promotes them. Critical analysis of gender theory reveals that men are also harmed by limited gender roles and an understanding of patriarchy is incomplete without considering how men are also subject to its heirarchy-men of color, religious minorities, effeminate men, and gbt men, for example. Many feminists are also concerned with the well-being of other oppressed groups, including men. Revenge fantasies of turning the tables of subjugation are undoubtedly expressed by some 'feminists' who do hate the system so much, who may hate men even. But most versions of feminism (various waves of feminism, womanism, etc.) are interested in gender equality, not anti-male sexism. The idea that women can or should benefit from men's loss is a concern by those who believe we live in a zero-sum world. Instead, I believe that women's gains will be men's gains too.

Still this.

You got to do your part too.

I tr to help by treating women exactly like I'd treat another guy, and it usually pisses them off because most women honestly do expect special treatment.

On rare occasions I also engage girls/women in talks and try to teach them about their potential, if I think there's still hope. The other day I was talking to the younger sister of someone, 14-ish who told me she wants to study law but doesn't want to get married too late. Apparently people told her that law is too hard and she'd have to wait to marry. Needles to say I had to fix that grotesque bullshit and tell her she doesn't have to marry at all and whoever told her that was a cocksucker.

I also argue with stupid girls where ever I find them. Like one of my old friends told me if her boyfriend asked her to, she'd probably even veil herself. Idiot.


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