So this is a little weird even typing this out but here we go! I have a friend that tells me she loves it when her boyfriend cums in her. Me personally, I just do not see the appeal of getting chummed inside of. Perhaps this is because I have zero desire to have a child. Also, I have a medical issue that gives me a minimal chance of ever having a child.

I am more curious to your responses and that is why I am asking here. 

So I pose the question. What is going through your head when you say to your guy, "cum in me!"? Even if your on birth control. Which my friend is on by the way. 

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sheesh.. I didn't even look at the dates when I posted on it.   Why did it pop back up to the head of the list?



All it takes is a single comment, to resurrect it.

You're a sick, sick man, Kris :)  You actually joined this group to post that awful double entendre comment....

This is a related sidebar: 

Any comments from men and/or women as to whether giving or receiving a BJ with a condom in place is worth the effort?

Also, is ANYONE out there actually using or requiring the use of dental dams for muff diving?

Happily I do not have this issue to confront...;p)


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