So this is a little weird even typing this out but here we go! I have a friend that tells me she loves it when her boyfriend cums in her. Me personally, I just do not see the appeal of getting chummed inside of. Perhaps this is because I have zero desire to have a child. Also, I have a medical issue that gives me a minimal chance of ever having a child.

I am more curious to your responses and that is why I am asking here. 

So I pose the question. What is going through your head when you say to your guy, "cum in me!"? Even if your on birth control. Which my friend is on by the way. 

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Question; Does "inside you" refer to anywhere inside, or is the vagina assumed? I myself have cum in other places (and, yes, this is with at least the consent and sometimes the encouragement of the partner).

I think the way Sophie meant the question assumes the vagina Unseen...Of course there are other interesting ways to do it but there's nothing like real passionate sex where both people get the most out of it. If I were with someone I loved and trusted with my life, there's no holding back. He can cum inside me all he wants and if a baby comes from it so be it. It's the best feeling in the world. I remember the day we were together that produced our son and there was something very special about that moment I'll never forget. 

That is a very feminine perspective on sex which many men won't be totally relating to. Obviously your guy gave you what you were looking for in the act but it's very likely what he got out of it wasn't quite the same lovey dovey lavender flower petals floating in the air kind of thing. What am I saying? Someone put it this way: women give sex in order to get love; men give love in order to get sex. Yes, it's a generalization but generally it's true.

That is so true Unseen. It's important for us ladies to remember that I think....although I don't agree completely...Anyone with a high sex drive can want it just because their body wants it and it's right. There's not always the floating-on-clouds feeling.

I have to disagree. sometimes sex is just sex. You get tired or vibrators and fingers after a while. Friends with benefits exists for a reason. Sometimes you don't want emotional complications.

Well, actually you're agreeing with me. Women who are into FWB are basically thinking like guys for practical reasons.

That's the kind of stupid shit people have been saying for centuries to enforce gender stereotypes. A woman doesn't "think like a man." She fucking thinks like herself. Not all women think they way people who buy into strict gender norms would like them to.

Not gender "stereotypes," gender differences. They are as real as anything. 

So you're claiming that handcuffs played no part, and you really expect us to believe that?

Ok so I dunno what group I joined just to comment on this, but Sophie you have an open invitation for me not to cum inside you if you ever make it round to St. Louis.  Just sayin. 

@unseen, I dunno man these days I've noticed a lot more guys are way more emotional about stuff.  My lil cousin lives with me and the guys she dates are as emotional, if not more so. 

Probably a function of the guys and gals you hang with.


Maybe it makes them think they are good in bed or maybe they think its sexy talk. 

Another woman said that it makes her feel that the man desires her ... I laughed my head off when she said that.

hahaha - that one still makes me laugh

It might excite some women who are trying to conceive I guess. I worked with a woman who, at 28, had an early menopause. She told me that it still excites her when her boyfriend ejaculates in her because she is hoping for a conception out of it. But thats about it.

I've even heard some women say that its less messy on the bed linen.

I think that a lot of women over rate what sex really means for men.

and If ejaculation was important for sexual satisfaction in the woman, then vibrators would come with a squirt feature. No?


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