So this is a little weird even typing this out but here we go! I have a friend that tells me she loves it when her boyfriend cums in her. Me personally, I just do not see the appeal of getting chummed inside of. Perhaps this is because I have zero desire to have a child. Also, I have a medical issue that gives me a minimal chance of ever having a child.

I am more curious to your responses and that is why I am asking here. 

So I pose the question. What is going through your head when you say to your guy, "cum in me!"? Even if your on birth control. Which my friend is on by the way. 

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Haha whaaaaa?? Isn't this site about atheism?

Any rate I had a girlfriend who liked it too. She said it made her orgasm feel better so I had no problem helping her out with it. Maybe you're just so afraid of getting pregnant that it's just impossible for you to imagine. You should try it maybe you'll like it.

I accidentally joined this group so I can post here... Something tells me I don't belong in this portion of the site....

This is a girls group. Or the girls of think atheist group. So we can talk about anything here. 

Exactly Sophie, this is not the place to be prissy :D

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding'.

- Betty White - Aged 90

waaahhaaaa!! Your the best Suzanne!! By the way, best thread ever!! I logged on to post a thread about an article on yahoo talking about the re-sovietizing on Europe but after reading this thread it somehow feels....inadequate, lol.

@Bryan - you would be surprised at what women really do talk about. I am a feminist, and I luv men, well, most of them, anyway. Great respect for men, and I am a baby boomer, we changed the rules on prissy :) Just look at the ex-muslim women on this site, and find out what is going on in muslim countries, the only way that the men are going to beat the women is by violence, that is the only time men have a precedence. And with the internet and video phones, we know exactly what these bastards are doing. Yep, forget about re-sovietizing on Europe, this is a much more interesting group. As far as I am concerned, men are very welcome here, always willing to impart knowledge on why men and women are so different. Any questions :)

Yep, you do, Nick - as a man you could learn a lot from this site, and women are always willing to teach a bloke  :D

By the by - The vasectomy was the best thing to happen in our relationship - no more fear, which is really a huge hinderance to the brain - what if??? AAAggghhhh!!!!

I like it. I had a hard time telling my bf cause I was afraid he'd think I was crazy. But it turns him on too. Makes the orgasms better, in my opinion.

I like it, too. Maybe it's because he thrusts deeper when he's cumming, and I really like that. All that deep thrusting makes my own orgasm more intense. It helps that my guy has had a vasectomy, because I'm not at all interested in getting pregnant, either, and it would be a bad idea for me because of some medical issues I have. I'm on birth control, too, but that's another story. Oh yeah, and he's usually got his mouth close to my ear, and I love the feeling of his hot breath in my ear, and listening that closely to all the good noises he makes.

I like it, it makes me feel closer to the man. For some reason it turns me on a lot to have a part of him (read as: another part of him) in me. Is so sexy and romantic. Muy caliente! :)

I just re-read this a couple of times in case it was some sort of spam! LOL - great question Sophie :-) For me it would be no, since I am only sexually attracted to women.

Well lol, I saw this on the front page and couldn't leave it alone so I joined (hiya ladies). As a hetero male, I can say it's alot more conveniant to be able to complete the deed mid action as condoms deaden the sensation (even the ones that claim 'thin lining' it's BS) and the pullout just isn't as sasisfying...

I have no desire for children eithere, and even the prospect of that however not something I'll risk. 

What a bizarre post, I had to do a double take that my failing eyesight had not played some trick on me ! lol

As a lesbian who has never been with a man I guess I should sit this one out but........................

In fact I can see the sensuality in wanting your lover to ejaculate inside where nature intended it to go. I asked my mother (she was a sex educator and doula for many years - as a result is very open about sex even for a Dutch woman !) what she thought and she observed that she always enjoyed it for several reasons. Firstly the idea of impregnation and pregnancy, motherhood being the ultimate expression of female sexuality, in short having cum inside her made her feel more senual. Secondly she liked the idea that by having it inside her she could enjoy her sexuality even after completion of the act as gravity had its inevitable effect and she could feel the result of her lovemaking making an exit (trying to put this all delicately - its tough though !). She then went onto to raise a point which I hesitated to write here but I guess it is as valid as the original question so I will write it;

"When a woman ejaculates is that not just as sexy, just in a slightly different way ?"


Judith vd R.


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