So I have been wondering if any other girls on here have names for their lady parts. I myself come up with something new every few months. Nothing original or anything. I wake up in the morning before I take a shower and I say, "Good morning TA-TA's" But what I am really doing is checking for any lumps! 


So I want to know. What are some of your names?

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I call it the mm mm.

Well as a midwife it will come as no surprise that my breasts are just that, my breasts and my vulva is also exactly that, same goes for my vagina. In Holland generally the most typically slang term for breast is "foonities" and vulva/vagina is "pussy" or "cunt" - we are pretty forthright and pragmatic about our bodies. 

Cunt is actually a very old word, as we found.The house my wife and I own is built on the original city wall here in Maastricht, our country's city. This being a former Roman town the wall is made from much of the old stones from the Roman wall and buildings. When we were rebuilding the central part of the house a few years ago some of the stones were uncovered and had what looked like chiseled graffiti. We got the historical people to have a look before we carried on  and they said it was sexual graffiti talking about the virtues of the "Cunnus"

That is a really cool story Nina! Thanks for sharing. It needs to be on that television show where they feature similar stories about home owners that uncover interesting things in old homes. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the show.



Its amazing as here just the word "cunt" is deeply frowned upon... Things are different everywhere I suppose.

I call my man parts "Constance Fairweather and Company".

I call my lower parts my "chacha"  and upper "tatas"   :D

Breasts are boobs.  The funny thing is, slang for "pussy" in American, is "fanny" in the UK, which I use. 

Imagine my surprise when a vet in the USA inspecting my (female) dog for a skin problem, advised me that he had had a good feel around her fanny and that it was a little warm there but nothing untoward.  My jaw dropped, and the whole world froze for a long moment, whilst I desperately sought a viable explanation in my head for what he had so casually announced.  I got there in the end, but it hurt my brain.

I call my boobs Thelma and Louise and my v-hole Alice ('cuz all the young girls love Alice - Elton John reference).


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