Today, while waiting in a Planned Parenthood to get my birth control prescription refilled, I was perusing the Huffington post app on my phone to entertain myself. I was glad to read that Congresswoman Giffords was making progress, skipped over the article relaying how infuriated Groupon users are for something or other, and stopped dead when I read the title Conservatives Suggest Planned Parenthood May Be Criminal Enterprise. Before I even tapped the link, I could feel my blood pressure going up.

I've heard all the arguments against Planned Parenthood (and contraceptive use in general, and sex ed) before, so nothing I read surprised me. But I can't help but thinking, if evil exists, it is embodied by those that would sacrifice the health of human beings to enforce some subjective morality. Until they can enforce a law that bars anyone from having sex before they deem it's acceptable, it's fine that people suffer from preventable STIs and that teenagers become parents long before they're close to ready. It's fine that cancer can go undetected! They don't care about human lives. They don't even care about the babies they are supposedly defending because, as soon as it is actually born, its health can be neglected as well (especially if it belongs to a low-income family).

The audacity of these people boggles the mind. How dare they! How dare they cut funding to people who desperately need health care; more specifically, women. Why is female anatomy less of a priority than the rest of the body? Why should they have any say in whether or not a woman hosts another life inside herself? I can't even express how angry it makes me, or all the reasons why. I want to stand up and do something about these evil people trying to inflict suffering for the sake of some ancient rule book written by misogynists. I want to do more than sign a petition, but I don't know what.

I want them to leave Planned Parenthood alone because I'm one of those who benefits from its services. Now it's personal.


David Crary of the Huffington Post

Feb 13, 2011


NEW YORK — From its defiant origins in 1916, Planned Parenthood has not shied away from controversy – fighting to legalize birth control, offering candid sex education to adolescents, evolving into America's largest provider of abortion.

Its foes have been relentless, and it now faces some of the most withering attacks of its history. A bill in Congress would strip the organization of federal family-planning grants and a series of covertly taped videos seek to depict some Planned Parenthood staff as willing to assist sex traffickers.

On one side, there are prominent conservatives suggesting that Planned Parenthood may be a criminal enterprise.

On the other, Planned Parenthood leaders and allies are seizing the moment to rally support, saying the ultimate target of the attacks is the ability of American women to get the reproductive health services they desire.

"We've been here for the past 95 years, and we'll be here for the next 95," said Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards.

Through its affiliates, Planned Parenthood operates more than 800 clinics and health centers across the country, serving more than 3 million patients a year.


Read entire article, then sign a petition!

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Great read, thanx for posting.  The whole country..or perhaps I should say, world, is anti-woman.  We are expendable at every corner, and easily sacrificed on so many levels, and those that dominate and make the rules, know just what they're doing.  Morality takes a bite of the perverbial ass every time..

I could claw my own eye balls out right now. My sister-in-law just posted a counter to my petition to keep Planned Parenthood alive. She posted something to defund it. And I know she did it because I posted the PP petition. And it's just infuriating. I'm shaking. It makes me so angry because she's such a hypocrite!!! She had sex before marriage! So, if that's the REAL issue, then stfu!!! Most theists have been fucking their brains out since they were 15, but NOW, oh now... it's not okay to have sex before marriage... now that they're married. If sex before marriage is NOT the issue, then they should be funding sex ed and ways to prevent pregnancy so no one has to get an abortion at all! If they gave two shits about the baby they claim to be trying to save, then they wouldn't mind funding its care after it was born. But they don't care! They're STUPID EFFING BRAINWASHED LEMMINGS... and their idiocy affects MY life. AHHHH!!!


So I posted a response, which I'm sure I'll get a deluge of comments on from all her Bible-thumping cronies. I didn't know if I should, but then again... if I really want to help, maybe I should grow a pair and speak my mind. F*cking Facebook! Here's what I said (tell me if it's going to get through her thick, Christian skull or just make her angry):


You know that abortions are already not funded by the govt, right? PP helps women get medical treatment, and screen them for cancer. They educate people in ways to AVOID getting pregnant so that we can actually reduce the need for abortions altogether. They give care to infants/children who are born to low-income families. They EDUCATE while helping those who have not been smart enough to help themselves. They extend help when others just extend judgment.

I'm not Pro-Abortion. I don't like the idea at all. However, PP enables people to avoid that. Isn't that what we want? To avoid abortions? We can't control how people behave, but we can help to prevent tragedies and suffering. And not everyone who receives care from PP is "immoral". They're people without insurance who would otherwise be unable to get medical treatment for female issues.

I just think people are not sitting down to really think about this. They get riled up when all they're ever told is the horror stories. Planned Parenthood has extended health care to women who were otherwise completely ignored by the medical field for 95 years. Defunding PP is like defunding the rights of women to get medical care. It's not all about abortion. Besides... the babies that are actually born (and not aborted) will also suffer if they don't get care. What about them?

I challenge you to do some research on this. Even if you don't agree with what you read, explore the topic from another perspective. Go to and try to understand what they're trying to accomplish. If you still don't sympathize, fine. But don't accept one side of the argument without hearing the other... from their mouth.

ah yes....fundies...they make the world go 'round don't they?  So full of hate, ignorance and "know it all-y" self-righteousness.  Of course the point to PP makes sense, but fundies dont base their decisions/rules on "sense', they do so with the shit that's been seared into their brains with a cattle iron..over and over.  Trying to get them to see another's perspective is most futile...and makes the rest of us just want to bang our heads against the walls.....or strangle the fundie...or..both.
Well said!  I couldnt agree more...great topic btw..


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